Combining the exceptional CMS capabilities of AEM with the customer-centric flexibility of SFCC

Adobe Experience Manager and Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration

AEM integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enhance customer experience

Today’s competitive ecosystem is fueled by memorable experiences rather than product attributes. While Salesforce Commerce Cloud, an offering from world’s #1 CRM platform, Salesforce, excels at offering personalised shopping experiences across every intersection, integrating it with Adobe Experience Manager, a leading-edge content and digital asset management system from Adobe, will formulate a strong microservices architecture that will place your customers at the heart of everything you do. With AEM as the frontend for your SFCC website will help you reimagine your headless digital architecture, deliver behaviour-driven eCommerce solutions that enhance your customer experience, and pace you ahead of the competition. 

Experience the best of both worlds via an AEM and Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration.

Why AEM Integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Centralised control of content

With AEM as your dedicated frontend, you can establish a better control on content creation, editing, and publishing. Content managers can publish content in real-time and seamlessly change layouts without relying on web developers.

High-performing digital store

Integrating AEM with SFCC develops a modular architecture connected via APIs/web services. Choosing the competitive capabilities of AEM for your SFCC  store will build an agile, scalable, and headless architecture that fulfils user demands.

Easy-to-structure page experiences

Leveraging the drag-and-drop component capabilities within AEM, brands can empower website managers to quickly and flexibly structure page experiences while reducing the efforts required to create and update content within the SFCC store.

Expert Opinion


“Integrating Adobe Experience Manager and Salesforce Commerce Cloud is how brands can ready your digital commerce stores for the future. This powerful combination structures a microservices-led, decoupled, and modular architecture for your store that prioritises user experiences above everything else. AEM’s one-of-a-kind content management capabilities creates personalised journeys while SFCC delivers the experience.”


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