Gain a single view of your customers and operations with an integrated Salesforce Magento platform

Salesforce CRM and Magento Integration

Salesforce Magento Integration

Boost customer lifetime value and retention with Salesforce Magento integration

Today’s modern customers prefer to buy anywhere, ship anywhere, and fulfill anywhere. Therefore, retailers must offer connected experiences that empower customers to continue the experience of one channel onto the other. Disjointed Magento platform and Salesforce CRM make it tedious for merchants to offer engaging omnichannel experiences customized to their customer’s needs. Salesforce Magento integration allows brands to establish a seamless bidirectional flow of data between two systems to improve sales, improve customer services, and fulfill  customers demands. Our experts have integrated more than 150+ technologies and can help you seamlessly integrate Magento and Salesforce platform. From installing the Salesforce extension in Magento to creating new connected apps, and setting it up, our integration experts will offer full-fledged assistance.

Boost platform performance and productivity with Salesforce Magento integration.

Salesforce Magento integration

Our Salesforce and Magento Integration Highlights

High Personalization

Delight your visitors with a highly-personalized experience curated based on their exclusive likes and preferences

Better Customer Experience

Establish a personal connection with users by leveraging data-driven insights to provide an impactful eCommerce experience

Improved Customer Engagement

Experience heightened customer loyalty, retention and engagement by forging a deep understanding of the customer's psyche

Increase Sales Leads

Witness a staggering increase in lead generation and conversion by utilizing deep analytics, insightful reports and automated campaigns

Centralized data

Enjoy operational efficiency and hassle-free processing by unifying the data of all your eCommerce channels at a single platform

Salesforce and Magento Integration - An Overview

Merging the efficiency of Salesforce cloud technology and ease of Magento commerce

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Introduce the power of AI-based analytics, accurate forecasts and multi-store management to your business.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Leverage the impact of personalized email campaigns, engaging social media promotions and user engagement for your online stores.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Empower your support team with centralized data, quick access to customer information and a unified platform

Why Salesforce and Magento Integration

  • Say goodbye to repetitive, bi-directional data entry and its errors.
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Get a bird eye’s view of all your eCommerce stores
  • Surprise your customers with highly-customized experience
  • Bring efficiency, agility and centralization to your business

Unify Your eCommerce Business by Connecting Magento and Salesforce

We assist you in leveraging Cloud technology for your eCommerce business

Why integrate Salesforce and Magento platforms?

Automate data transfer

Instead of spending precious time on exporting and importing data sheets, Magento 2 Salesforce integration automatically changes data updated in one system in the other, preventing data duplication. This boosts operational efficiency and team productivity.

Automate data transfer

Personalized experiences

With a 360-degree view of your customers, their information, buying behavior, preferences, likes, and demands, merchants can now tweak their marketing strategies and offer personalized content and services leveraging data-driven insights.

Personalized experiences

Boost eCommerce sales

By unifying the data of all sales channels on a single platform, retailers can utilize data analytics to view reports and marketing strategies, personalize every interaction with the customers and boost their lead generation and conversion efforts. 

Boost eCommerce sales

Expert Opinion


Expert Opinion

“Salesforce Magento integration brings together two powerful platforms together and empowers you to drive significant eCommerce success. By leveraging data-driven insights to improve customer experiences, you can now personalize every interaction across every channel and device.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Magento integrate with Salesforce? 

You can integrate Magento with Salesforce in two ways:

Salesforce Connector For Magento 2, this module will allow you to synchronize Magento and Salesforce customer data. You can easily sync categories, goods, customers, orders, and contact leads to your Salesforce org with the help of this module, which will help you grow sales and enhance customer service. You'll also need to customize this module to match your requirements.

Get Zapier: this automation tool makes integration of Magento and Salesforce a breeze. Download the zapier, create an account, and log in to the same. You can find the tool easily and readily available over the web.

What are the benefits of Magento Salesforce integration for business?

Magento Salesforce integration will allow you to use both platforms in a single and seamless manner. Magento Salesforce integration benefits businesses by allowing them to better understand their customers and provide them with tailored products and services. Furthermore, the integration assists in bi-directional synchronization, customer profiling and lead generation, sales analytics, and increasing the business's productivity.

How does Magento and Salesforce integration help in automating data synchronization?

The full-featured interface allows you to automatically synchronize the Magento catalog and order records with Salesforce and capture business-critical customer new or updated data without any manual human effort.

How does Salesforce integration help in improving Magento Store?

Within the Magento store, Salesforce's technical functionality helps manage and store customer data. You may use this data to determine what your customers like so you can design social media, email, advertising, and other marketing campaigns based on those preferences for your Magento store.

Why choose Ranosys for Magento Salesforce integration? 

Ranosys, an award-winning digital consulting company, helps move your data from either Magento or Salesforce in a secure and automated way. With our decade long experience in Salesforce and Adobe Experience Cloud solutions and 180+ certified experts, we help you create valuable solutions for your eCommerce platform to improve e-store performance and increase conversion.

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