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Improving process efficiency for Havaianas with Shopify Plus & Capillary CRM integration

Improving Process Efficiency for Havaianas by Integrating Shopify Plus & Capillary CRM

“Ranosys assisted Havaianas in streamlining and automating customer data flow across systems by integrating the Capillary CRM with Shopify Plus.”

Havaianas has been a leading Brazilian brand of flip-flop sandals since 1962. Currently owned by the manufacturing company, Alpargatas S.A.; Havaianas flip flops are the most popular in the world, with over 260 million pairs being sold every year, garnering 3,912.6 million Brazilian reais net revenue in 2021 while registering a 25.7% growth since 2020. A global leader in the sandals category in over 100 countries and known for their iconic rubber sole and bright, summer-like designs, the company is currently headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil with regional offices in Los Angeles, Madrid, and Hong Kong. 

Website : https://havaianas.co.id/

Industry : Retail & eCommerce

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The Challenge

Havaianas leveraged the competitive features of the Shopify Plus eCommerce platform to service the growing interest of their Indonesian customers online. As online shopping became a preferred channel for the Havaianas customers in Indonesia, the client (Kanmo Group) wanted to ensure superior performance and scalability features of their e-retail store. However, their team often faced challenges while syncing customer data and loyalty points since this manual data synchronization was a tedious and time-consuming process. They encountered errors like data redundancy, inconsistency, and duplication in the two systems (Shopify Plus and Capillary CRM).


Their team wanted to streamline and automate customer information flow and management across Shopify Plus and their Capillary CRM system to prevent data duplication and inconsistency. To achieve this goal, our experts at Ranosys, created a custom application to simplify and streamline customer information management in both the platforms  while preventing data duplication. 

Another major goal was to make customer loyalty points visible on the checkout page while updating the status of the remaining points on the CRM. Our team implemented APIs to fulfill this goal and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Responsive Design of Havaianas

The Result

Havaianas leverages a custom app for signing-in customers on the store, which will employ value-first API and Capillary endpoint to check if the details already exist in Capillary CRM or Shopify Plus admin and proceed for registration in case they don’t. This led to significant time and cost savings since their team no longer had to update details separately in two different systems. As the entire process of customer data flow is now automated, it reduced the instances of data redundancy and inconsistency in the two systems. Moreover, our team implemented Capillary API to allow customers to redeem loyalty points as discount code on products. As this process was also automated, this frees up their team to focus on more strategic operations while streamlining the entire flow. Overall, Havaianas customers now enjoy a more connected and seamless experience, reducing cart abandonment rates, and boosting the overall sales. 


Integrated Capillary CRM with Shopify Plus to streamline & automate customer data flow and storage.

Developed a custom application to build a bridge between Shopify Plus admin and Capillary CRM utilizing Shopifyʼs REST APIs.

Integrated ValueFirst communication platform with the Havaianas store to deliver SMS (such as OTPs) to Indonesian customers. 

The new integrated system allowed the easy movement of information regarding loyalty points from Capillary CRM to the Shopify admin to be redeemed by a shopper. Each redemption point is equal to 1 IDR. 

Redeem points  as discount code applicable on the final cart price. Subsequent updation of loyalty points in the user account section on Capillary CRM. 

Technology Stack

Frameworks & Tools

shopify plus
node js


value first
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