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Marketo and Zoho CRM integration

Sync lead data, manage lead flow, and automate sales pipeline with a competitive integration

Seamless bidirectional flow of data with Marketo Zoho CRM integration

Converting leads to customers is a tedious process, one that encompassses several steps of nurturing, qualification, and re-nurturing before they are converted. With disparate CRM and marketing automation systems, gaining a 360-degree view into your leads, their current stage in the sales funnel, and all the related activities. Integrating Zoho CRM with Marketo enables you to employ its email marketing, lead management, revenue attribution, and marketing automation capabilities for lead capturing, qualifying and conversion process. Our certified MarTech experts possess deep expertise in integrating powerful platforms via third-party connectors such as Zapier, Workato, and web service APIs to allow seamless flow of data and enable bi-directional syncing. and can seamlessly sync the two systems without any complicated coding solutions. Our competitive integration solutions allows you to automate your workflows without any data loss, load data in any direction, enable bidirectional data synchronization, and support all DML operations.

Gather leads and trigger automated emails with Marketo Zoho CRM integration.

Why integrate Marketo and Zoho systems?

Streamline data management

Marketo Zoho integration breaks down data silos and duplication that hamper the productivity and performance of lead generation, qualification, and conversion steps. You can now enable one-way data import, automatically updated in the other system.

Automate email marketing

Merchants can establish rules for email campaigns depending on a lead’s stage in the sales funnel, while pitching personalized and engaging content to every prospect. Moreover, you can automate all your email marketing activities for effective lead nurturing.

A single view of your leads

Marketo Zoho CRM integration allows you to gain a holistic view of your leads and their behavioral activities. This allows you to engage and nurture your leads better with the right content, at the right time, thus boosting your lead conversion efforts.

Expert Opinion


“Marketo is known for its competitive automation capabilities while Zoho CRM is popular for its effective lead generation, scoring, and conversion. Combining these two leading-edge platforms allows you to automate your lead management activities and boost conversion rates.”


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