Marketo Salesforce integration

Sync sales and marketing data, leads & records to establish data parity between both systems

Align sales and marketing efforts with Salesforce Marketo integration

A typical lead lifecycle involves the marketing team generating and qualifying leads, then passed to the sales team for further qualification and hopefully converting into customers. By integrating a powerful marketing automation tool, Marketo, and world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce, allows you to gain complete visibility into leads, accounts, and related campaigns across the revenue funnel. As an award-winning Marketo Engage and Salesforce Ridge Partner, our certified experts can help you seamlessly integrate both the systems and allow a bidirectional flow of leads, contacts, accounts, campaigns, custom objects, and opportunities. Our consultants analyze your requirements with the integration and assist in creating an agile enterprise solution with your sales, marketing and support teams under one one system. 

Streamline lead lifecycle management with Salesforce Marketo integration.

Our Salesforce Marketo Integration Highlights

Salesforce Marketo Integration

Our experts analyze your business needs and long-term digital strategy to efficiently integrate World’s #1 CRM and marketing automation tool.

Strategy and Design

We strategize your Salesforce and Marketo sync- from architecture to implementation. Our customized solutions create a more streamlined customer journey.

Platform Development

Our expert developers design a well-connected and integrated digital ecosystem to maximize business potential and derive better sales and engagement.

Implementation Assistance

Our implementation assistance helps achieve long-term strategic business outcomes, optimize solutions, and enable technology-driven operations.

Consulting and Support

We offer 24/7 consulting and support, delivered by our innovative developers effectively readying your platform for dynamic customer demands.

Why integrate Salesforce and Marketo systems?

Real-time updates

Syncing Marketo and Salesforce systems allows merchants to make changes in one system in real-time, automatically updated in the other system. This allows sales and marketing teams to capture the latest details about their leads, their stage in the sales funnel and current activity. 

Efficient lead scoring

Salesforce Marketo integration empowers the sales team to quickly and efficiently identify leads, sort and channel them into the sales funnel. It also allows merchants to recognize a lead’s stage in the buying funnel, assign them scores, and accordingly engage with them. 

Automate lead nurturing

Depending on a lead’s stage in the sales funnel, your sales team can now employ the automation capabilities of Marketo to send emails, execute targeted campaigns, and pitch personalized content that interests prospects, boosting lead conversion activities. 

Expert Opinion


“Marketo Salesforce integration empowers merchants to leverage two powerful systems and boost lead generation, qualification, and conversion activities. With an integrated system, your sales, marketing and customer support teams can now gain complete visibility into lead activities and nurture them for speedy conversion.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Salesforce & Marketo integration?

Marketo integration with Salesforce empowers you to monitor customer behavior throughout their journey, create custom campaigns that suit your user’s diverse needs and interests, deliver personalized experience to boost engagement, make changes to your content speedily and automatically/manually manage data across digital platforms like websites, apps, social media, and so on. 

How does Salesforce Marketo integration provide better ROI? 

In a traditional lead lifecycle, acquired leads are first qualified by marketing, then passed on to sales for further qualification and then converted to customers. Salesforce integration with Marketo keeps your lead, accounts and other records updated, streamlining the exchange process between sales and marketing. A successful Marketo Salesforce integration boosts customer retention by 36% and positive sales rates by 38%, ultimately improving ROI margins. 

How does Salesforce Marketo sync work?

Marketo integration with Salesforce enables a bidirectional sync of leads, contacts and campaigns. You can also opt to sync accounts, opportunities, custom objects, activities, and users, but you can only sync them one way, from Salesforce to Marketo. The Marketo Salesforce integration runs in the background of both systems. The first Marketo Salesforce sync can take up hours or days. After that, the first update runs every 5 minutes. however , you can customize your sync interval to longer than 5 minutes also but not less than that. 

What is synced between Marketo and Salesforce?

Marketo Salesforce Integration allows the sync of leads, contacts, accounts, users, opportunities, Salesforce campaigns, custom objects and activities. However, Salesforce integration with Marketo allows the bidirectional flow of only leads, contacts, and Salesforce campaigns.

Why choose Ranosys for Salesforce and Marketo Integration?

Ranosys, an award-winning digital consulting company helps move your data from either Marketo or Salesforce in a secure and automated way without having to write code lines repeatedly. With our decade long experience in Salesforce and Adobe Experience Cloud solutions and 60+ certified experts, we help you build a seamless connection between the two platforms and accelerate data analysis. 

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