Enhancing Customer Shopping Experiences for The Body Shop Indonesia

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“The Body Shop brings the finest natural ingredients and traditional skills to your doorsteps with Ranosys commerce experts to enhance your natural beauty.”

The Body Shop started came to life back in 1976 in Brighton England by the late British environmental and human rights campaigner Dame Anita Roddick. Initially, it started selling 25 beauty products which were created using natural ingredients that were ethically sourced and cruelty-free. Currently, there are over 1000 beauty products which are sold in more than 3000 stores divided between those owned by the company and franchised outlets in more than 65 countries.

Out of 65 countries, Indonesian ‘The Body Shop’ holds a considerable market share especially in the Asian market. The Body Shop was introduced to Indonesia in 1992. Apart from physical stores, The Body Shop has a strong presence in eCommerce stores worldwide. The eCommerce site The Body Shop Indonesia also plays a major role in the expansion of business within the country with a high volume of internet & mobile savvy users. The Body Shop focuses on their digital commerce journey to help their loyal customers in getting the desired products delivered at their doorstep.

Website : www.thebodyshop.co.id

Industry : Retail & eCommerce, Fashion & Apparels


The Body Shop Indonesia is facing a huge challenge with their eCommerce site due to its poor performance and a very slow response time in pages including the Home page, Product Listing page, Product Details Page and Checkout Page. Therefore, The Body Shop Indonesia partnered with Ranosys eCommerce expertise team to overcome their challenge.


Improving the performance of eCommerce sites and improving the shopping experience of all Indonesian customers was the primary goal of The Body Shop Indonesia. Another key goal was to ensure that the customer experience is perfect not only on the web but on mobile responsive eCommerce site as well to allow customers in Indonesia to shop using the Go - Mobile Commerce while expanding the business within Indonesia.

Key Features

Platform: Magento Enterprise 2

Payment: Midtrans, Doku

Shipping: JNE

CRM: Engage


OMS: Forstock

Personalisation: High Conversion

Marketplace: Lazada & Shopee


The Result

Any organization who wants to reach the highest success level of their eCommerce site needs to have a high-performing and stable site. The Body Shop Indonesia achieved many results after partnering with Ranosys eCommerce experts. Below are the major results achieved.

    • High speed of web pages such as Home Page, Product Listing Page, Detail Page and Checkout Page has significantly reduced the cart abandonment rate.
    • The stability of the site during peak traffic times without compromising on performance resulting in increased sales.


    Ranosys conducted a site audit to understand the key areas which require improvisation.

    We worked on fine tuning the Infra and worked on making the entire site stable.

    Ranosys designed Mobile App API’s to support seamless shopping experience.

    Technology stack

    Frameworks & Tools



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