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Empower the logistics industry with digital tools to modernize their complex systems

Logistics and Transport Solutions

With the expanding global trade solutions and the increasing complexity of the supply chains, the transport and logistics industry struggles to consolidate their supply chains, enable better data visibility, reduce costs and overheads, speed order deliveries, and achieve real-time data access.


It, therefore, becomes imperative to employ digital solutions for logistics that break down data silos, enhance supply chain predictability, improve operational accuracy, launch transformative web and mobile applications, and structure a digital logistics platform for future innovation. And do all this while leveraging modern technologies like IoT, machine learning, predictive analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Blockchain.


At Ranosys, we stay at the forefront of digital transformation technologies and product engineering initiatives. Our certified experts leverage their industry knowledge, IT skills, and platform expertise in OutSystems, Microsoft SharePoint, and Salesforce to  develop innovation solutions that address business challenges in a scalable and affordable manner.


Digitize your transport and logistics operations for better productivity and operational transparency.

The transport and logistics verticals we service

Our experts empower your transport and logistics models with digital capabilities, SaaS-based frameworks, and digital engineering services.



Empower your fleet with digital capabilities to streamline operations, improve supply chain visibility, digitize repairing of commercial vehicles and increase vehicle uptime.

Logistics Providers

Meet customer expectations of transparency, reinvent supply chain visibility, optimize delivery routes, reduce logistics costs, and set new benchmarks.

Logistics Distribution & Stocking

Optimize workloads, improve inventory management with AI/ML technologies, and facilitate system integration for connected maintenance.

Express Deliveries

Improve delivery processes and experience, reduce logistics operational costs and overheads, achieve complete process visibility and stay ahead of the curve.

Our transport and logistics digitization solutions

Outbound logistics

Our experts can automate your legacy systems and employ your outbound logistics processes to establish your supremacy amongst digital natives and high-end enterprises.

Digital tolling solutions

We leverage the latest technologies to enable real-time visibility of all your vehicles in transit, optimize routes, and get products delivered before delivery date.

Logistics analytics

We analyze various metrics related to your supply chain, suggest improvements, and help enterprises manage their logistics operations more effectively at a reduced budget.

Complete order visibility

Leveraging our domain expertise, we employ modern technologies to help gain full supply chain visibility beyond tracking and offer superior customer experience.


Fleet & Asset Management

Our industry expertise betters asset utilization, track repair and maintenance, improves fleet availability and allocation, and optimize fleet loads.

Process Automation

Our experts help you streamline and optimize internal operations with digital capabilities to increase employee engagement and facilitate operational connection.

Our logistics and transportation solutions

Embark digital transformation of your logistics operations with our enterprise-grade solutions

  • Fleet Management
  • Intelligent sourcing
  • Asset Management
  • Warehouse management
  • Rail Engineering
  • Field workforce automation
  • Dynamic price optimization
  • Process visibility

Platform-driven transport and logistics solutions


Embark business innovation with modern, enterprise-grade and low-code driven web and mobile apps.

Microsoft SharePoint

Drive organizational digital evolution and breakdown silos with a SharePoint-enabled digital workplace solution.


Accelerate your digital transformation initiatives with the capabilities of world’s #1 CRM platform.

Our experts can help you choose the right platform


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Our client-centric approach delivers client satisfaction consistently.



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