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Falcon -  An enterprise-ready B2C eCommerce Accelerator

Launch and scale your eCommerce stores in weeks, not months, while delivering personalized shopping experiences with Falcon, a B2C eCommerce Accelerator, built on top of Adobe Commerce Cloud. Whether you're entering new markets or launching your first eCommerce store, Falcon speeds time-to-market and reduces total cost of ownership while addressing all your unique business needs of scalability, performance, customization, flexibility, customer experience, support and maintenance. Leveraging our strategic industry experience in award-winning eCommerce implementations and Adobe Commerce development, Falcon covers the majority of your eCommerce needs, with effortless customization for the rest. Leverage all Adobe Commerce’s advanced features of AI-powered personalization, omnichannel capabilities, live search, product recommendations, and more to swiftly fulfill the complex and high-volume demands of large-scale eCommerce operations with Falcon. 

Kickstart your online business with Falcon, an Adobe Commerce Cloud eCommerce Accelerator.

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Key Use Cases Falcon fulfills

Go live quickly with a full-featured eCommerce store in weeks

Scale operations fast to accommodate increased traffic and sales

Launch a direct-to-consumer eCommerce store as an alternate revenue channel

Leverage pre-built integrations for, CRM, PIM, ERP, OMS, warehouse management, etc

Leverage pre-built templates, modular architecture, and rapid deployment tools to launch fast

Leverage the powerful features of Adobe Commerce Cloud with limitless customizations

Seamlessly enter new markets with multi-language and multi-currency support

Evolve eCommerce platform as per the changing market and user behavior dynamics

Why Falcon B2C eCommerce Accelerator?

Adobe Commerce-Based

Built ground-up on Adobe Commerce Cloud, Falcon leverages all the platform’s industry-leading capabilities of live search, product recommendations, Page Builder, PWA studio, instant purchase, BOPIS, catalog service, multi-source inventory management, and more.

Time to Value

Falcon B2C eCommerce Accelerator comes pre-built with templates, modular architecture, and rapid deployment tools except for business-specific integrations and customization, empowering merchants to launch your eCommerce store within weeks rather than months.

Enterprise-grade Scalability

Falcon eCommerce accelerator is built to scale with your business while seamlessly integrating with multiple third-party applications like CRM, PIM, ERP, warehouse, shipping, inventory, order management, ratings, reviews, loyalty, payment gateways and solutions.

Cost Efficiency

The Falcon Adobe Commerce accelerator harnesses a prebuilt codebase to streamline development, reducing both time and investment. This cost-effective solution offers rich features and the flexibility to be customized to your unique needs.

Smart & Insightful

Falcon comes in-built with Adobe Sensei that enables you to deliver intelligent experiences with predictive analytics, live search & product recommendations as per shopper’s behavior and interests, driving scope for cross-selling opportunities and improving CX.


Unlike other SaaS eCommerce platforms, Falcon B2C eCommerce Accelerator empowers merchants to customize their eCommerce store as per their business needs. Its different packages offer several pre-built templates/features to accelerate setup/deployment.


We align our success with our clients' success

Our client centering approach delivers client satisfaction consistently.


Can Falcon help you achieve eCommerce objectives?

Falcon is a quick-to-implement solution for businesses aiming to bridge the gap in digital commerce. Whether you need to swiftly launch an eCommerce store, establish an agile product development process, or adapt to market shifts, Falcon empowers you to enhance your digital presence with speed and scalability.


Falcon fuels eCommerce success across industries

Home & Lifestyle

Home & Lifestyle

High-end Luxury


Right size of accelerator for your business

eCommerce plans for business of all sizes


For 4 Weeks

Suitable for organisations who can not wait to get their eCommerce up and running in a month.



For 6 Weeks

Suitable for organisations who can work with us to make their eCommerce offerings unique.



For 8-10 Weeks

Suitable for organisations which needs integration with their existing OMS, WMS, ERP, CRMs etc.


Fast-track eCommerce success and growth with Falcon

Here’s what you get

  • Tailor-made and packaged support plans
  • Dedicated support team
  • Critical round-the-clock support
  • Access pre-built, customizable page builder components tailored to your needs
  • AI-powered search and product recommendations
  • Built-in integrations with CRM, ERP, PIM, OMS, warehouse management, shipping, MarTech & more
  • Catalog & product browsing, promotions & dynamic pricing and seamless checkout experience
  • Multi-language, currency, and store support with omnichannel capabilities
  • Experience-driven user interface, customized for several business verticals

Expertise within the Adobe ecosystem

  • 120+

    Adobe Experts

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    Adobe Projects

  • 90+

    Adobe Certification

Adobe gold specialized Solution Partner
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Trusted by leading brands including Fortune 500

We are proud to work with some of the most renowned brands in the world.


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