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Plover: Take a step forward to enterprise eCommerce

Plover Shopify Plus Accelerator

Launch your online business with Shopify Plus in 3 weeks

Built specifically for high-volume, fast-growing brands, Shopify Plus brings the power of speed, flexibility and enterprise-level eCommerce to your business. As a trusted Shopify Plus Partner, Ranosys can help you fasttrack your journey to digital commerce with Plover - our exclusive accelerator plan powered by Shopify Plus. Headquartered in Singapore and known for eCommerce success stories, we are a global organization with offices in the USA, UK, India, Middle East and APAC regions. With our accelerator plan known as Plover, you only need to take a small step towards growth and we will help you sprint towards success in the world of eCommerce.

Unlock the power of enterprise eCommerce with Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus Plover Accelerator

Why Plover

Leverage the best of Shopify Plus with Plover - our exclusive accelerator program

Faster time-to-market

Owing to prebuilt templates and themes, Plover helps you launch your eCommerce solution with Shopify Plus in just a few weeks.


Plover leverages a combination of common code and templates ensuring that your path to digital commerce is pocket-friendly.

Highly Customizable

Even with prebuilt themes based on Shopify Plus, Plover leaves enough room for tailored features and full store customization.


Plover derives maximum value from the enterprise eCommerce functionality of Shopify Plus and provides unlimited scalability.

Smart Analytics

With Plover, you can bring the power of analytics, smart insights and business intelligence to supercharge your Shopify Plus storefronts.

Why Shopify Plus

Reinvent eCommerce with enterprise-grade features



With Shopify Plus, your business can have dedicated storefronts tailored as per different countries or regions.

Wholesale/B2B Commerce

Shopify Plus enables online B2B ordering, volume-based custom pricing, reordering and inventory management.

Multichannel Strategy

Reach your customers wherever they are - be it mobile, desktop or even varied social media channels with Shopify Plus.

Automation Capabilities

From promotional offers to inventory reordering, Shopify Plus allows you to put all your business processes on autopilot.

Unified Commerce

Shopify Plus blurs the line between online and offline stores enabling a consistent experience across all touchpoints.


Shopify Plus lets you manage major events like flash sales and product launches with ease and efficiency.

Go live with Plover

Plover accelerates the transition to enterprise eCommerce with Shopify Plus


Here’s what you get -

  • Key Plover features
  • Payment gateway of your choice
  • Local shipping integration
  • Enablement training on business manager
  • Localized experiences
  • Data-driven design
  • Guided selling
  • Multiple payment options - BNPL, COD, CC etc.
  • Optimized for varied industrial verticals
  • SEO and conversion optimised
  • Embedded customer support service
  • Seamless integrations - ERP, CMS, marketing platform

We align our success with our clients success

Our client centering approach delivers client satisfaction consistently.


Trusted by leading brands including fortune 500

We are proud to work with some of the most renowned brands in the world.


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