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Replatforming Amazin’ Graze multi-store eCommerce solution with Shopify Plus

amazin graze case study ranosys

“Employing Ranosys’ expertise in the Shopify Plus platform, Amazin'​ Graze now leverages a revamped competitive online solution to support its international business expansion goals, offer localized region-based digital experiences, and fuel commerce growth.”

A renowned F&B leader in the Southeast Asian market, Amazin’ Graze is the purveyor of fun, healthy, tropically-inspired snacks. Amazin' Graze is a dedicated team of food lovers who work together to produce fresh, delicious foods, and constantly innovate to take everyday food to a new level using only the best, most nutritious ingredients. Their mission is to make snacking a healthy indulgence and empower people through real food.

Amazin’ Graze also offers office pantry, office catering, workshops, group purchases, and corporate gifts for any company.

Website: https://www.amazingraze.com.my/

Industry: Food & Beverages

Shopify Plus eCommerce Platform
The Challenge

The key challenge for Amazin’ Graze was its slow and lagging site speed, disrupting the overall customer browsing experience. As the pages took longer than usual to load, shoppers felt a disconnect with the brand and ultimately abandoned their carts or quit the website. Platform upgrades and too much dependency on separate hosting was another concern. The operations team preferred to automate backend processes & have less dependency on a vendor to outsource simple changes.

The Goal


After a thorough analysis of its business process, Ranosys recommended replatforming Amazin’ Graze to a modern, robust, and cloud-based eCommerce platform like Shopify Plus. With Shopify Plus, the business would be more scalable, more automated, and powered by an intuitive user interface to encourage smooth customer experience.

Amazin Graze eCommerce Solution

The Result

  • After the process of replatforming, Amazin’ Graze leverages the benefits of a stable eCommerce platform that allows them to launch competitive promotional strategies like flash sales and manage high volume of traffic at any point of time.
  • Similarly, a simplified checkout process has resulted in a better conversion rate.
  • Moreover, an automated admin backend has reduced the time spent on routine tasks, thereby, helping teams focus on marketing, brand building, and growth.
  • Now, the website performance and site speed is way faster than ever before which leads to  more traffic, increased page views, and multiple sessions.


Revamped the look & feel while ensuring the consistency of Amazin’ Graze branding

Adopted multi-store concept for international markets on a unified Shopify Plus backend

Enabled seamless migration of data such as orders, customer data, and reward points from Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Integrated Stripe, Atome & setup Shopify payments for different stores

Integrated with Zendesk for live customer chat functionality

Connected Klaviyo for email functionalities

Technology Stack

Framework & Tools

Shopify Plus



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