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But first, let’s find out what is low-code?

Low code is a game-changing approach to application development which requires minimal coding and utilizes visual modelling, prebuilt templates and drag-and-drop features to develop best-in-class digital solutions. It empowers developers to build world-class applications in a shorter period and with lesser complexity. With low code, you can develop cloud-based, AI-driven and enterprise-grade modern applications faster than ever before!


What is OutSystems

Built with an aim to ramp up the application development process so as to fulfill the rapidly-evolving business needs, OutSystems is a low-code platform that fuses the power of AI, Cloud technology and visual modelling. It enables non-technical users to participate in app development and thereby, result in user-centric applications.

With OutSystems, you can now build high-performing, business-critical applications in a few days instead of months or years.

If you’re planning to modernize your workplace, OutSystéms can help you transform your legacy systems with a model-based approach . If your organization builds competitive applications for clients, you can now enhance customer experience with OutSystems in just a few days. If you’re thinking of business process automation, you don’t have to look beyond OutSystems to digitize your business.

OutSystems accelerates digital transformation and paves way for breakthrough innovation - all of this in lesser time and complexity than traditional app development.

What is OutSystems

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Why OutSystems

Rapid Development

Thanks to AI-Powered automation and modern tools, OutSystems simplifies and fastens up every step of application development life cycle leading to accelerated development.

Quick Integration

You don’t have to make any changes to your legacy systems. OutSystems integrates seamlessly with your business without slowing down the speed or affecting the performance.

Automated Deployment

You only need a single click to update and deploy apps with OutSystems. It not only automates the steps but handles the entire deployment process on your behalf.

Highly Secure

OutSystems promises built-in security and delivers it effectively from the point you begin developing an app with a secure runtime environment and secure code till it's finally deployed.

Multiexperience Platform

Backed by low-code technology, OutSystems enables you to build responsive applications that run literally anywhere - be it mobile or desktop and platforms like Android, iOS or Windows.

Enterprise-grade development

With OutSystems, less is more. You don’t have to depend on heavy-duty coding to build enterprise applications and apps for millions of users can be built in a jiffy!

Unbeatable Scalability

With OutSystems, less is more. You don’t have to depend on heavy-duty coding to build enterprise applications and apps for millions of users can be built in a jiffy!

Reduced Costs

OutSystems reduces development time and enables non-IT users to participate in the app development process which helps in saving time, money and efforts and still leverages its benefits.

Visual Development

OutSystems enables developers to use as less code as possible and leverage visually-driven tools like drag-and-drop UI, pre-built templates and business logic to create full-stack applications.

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We are a rapidly growing global organization and a trusted OutSystems partner that believes in innovation, agility and thinking ahead. With an established OutSystems Center of Excellence(CoE) and an in-house team of certified professionals, we are well-equipped to provide comprehensive OutSystems solutions for every type and size of business. From a thorough consultation to deployment and support, you can rely on Ranosys to fulfill all your OutSystems needs.

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