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Improving the user experiences for Phoon Huat with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Phoon Huat Case Study Ranosys

“Leveraging Ranosys’ experience and expertise in Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Phoon Huat optimized their existing online platform to improve existing UI and functionalities and boost cross-selling approaches for better conversions and sales.”

Founded in 1947, Singapore-based Phoon Huat Pte Ltd. is currently the country’s leading food supplier specializing in manufacturing and supplying quality baked ingredients, tools, and services for food services, consumer retail, artisans, and industrial bakeries. Phoon Huat is known for its quality and best-value ingredients amassed from global locations. They are a one-stop shop for new food concept innovations. Their current product range consists of premium meats, seafood, and gourmet fine foods. 

With Phoon Huat’s headquarters in Pandan Loop, Singapore, its ISO 22000 FSM certified manufacturing and cold chain facilities ensure that the products remain in high-quality condition. Currently, their fleet consists of 25 integrated frozen, chilled, and ambient trucks to deliver products to customers and 22 retail stores in Singapore.

Website : www.phoonhuat.com

Platform : Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Industry : Food & Beverages

The goal
The Challenge


Phoon Huat already had an eCommerce platform up and running already, it lacked the modern UX/UI functionalities experience as demanded by the modern customers for memorable user experiences. The absence of user behavior based search abilities led to retailers missing out on selling opportunities that a customer would have been interested in. Not only were their UI/UX capabilities limited and not engaging enough users, most of the shoppers were abandoning their carts due to inefficient searches, the non availability of information about out of stock products, and the lack of relevant product recommendations based on previous browsing and purchase history. In times when competitive eCommerce experiences make or break a brand, Phoon Huat wished to incorporate more of the capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and its related offerings. 


The Goal


Phoon Huat wanted to associate with a Salesforce Partner who can help them leverage the competitive capabilities and functionalities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud to improve user experiences. Moreover, they wanted to boost the existing UI & functionality to support efficient search, notify users about out of stock products, and increase  upselling and cross-selling opportunities by offering relevant product recommendations. 

They also wanted to implement the Salesforce Einstein, the artificial intelligence technology that leverages machine learning and deep learning analytics to gain customer insights and offer customized services to their users. They wanted to reduce the incidents around cart abandonments and customer service requests and boost overall sales and conversion figures.

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The Results

Our Salesforce experts assisted Phoon Huat in adopting the differentiating features, functionalities, and attributes of Salesforce Commerce Cloud along with Saleforce Einstein capabilities. The overall result was an improvement in browsing and shopping experiences and search options for end users. Our team also assisted in implementing Einstein AI to gain deep knowledge around customer behavior and demographics, search queries, and previous purchase history and to personalize sales and marketing strategies. The implementation of Einstein AI also presented the team with upselling and cross-selling opportunities via behavior-driven product recommendations.


Adopted and leveraged Salesforce Commerce Cloud for Phoon Huat 

Implemented Salesforce Einstein to improve search capabilities

Improved UX experiences for customers shopping on Phoon Huat via different devices

Technology Stack

Frameworks & Tools

Salesforce Service Cloud

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