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Nespresso reaches out Indonesian coffee lovers on the go with mobile commerce

Nespresso Case Study Ranosys

"Ranosys forges a strong connect for Nespresso with the Indonesian coffee admirers through an on-the-go mobile application, upgraded Magento commerce solution, and an integrated Xendit payment."

For coffee enthusiasts worldwide, Nespresso is a name associated with the first portioned coffee systems and premium coffee capsules. It came into existence with a simple idea., enabling humans to create a perfect cup of espresso coffee, just like a skilled barista. Over the span of 30 years, it revolutionized how billions of people enjoy their espresso, fabricating the global coffee culture via coffee capsules, coffee machines, and coffee accessories.

In 2019, owing to the immense growth and the utter need for a delightful and relaxing cup of coffee, The Kanmo Group announced the arrival of Nespresso in Indonesia with the opening of its first boutique in Jakarta.

Website : https://www.nespresso.co.id

Industry : Food & Beverages



To forge a successful brand reputation, The Kanmo Group needed to launch Nespresso on all those channels used and employed by its targeted customers. Not only would it help to build and grow their consumer base, but it'll help deliver engaging and personalized experiences to its shoppers. Hence, there was an apparent need for a Nespresso mobile app.

Moreover, the Nespresso eCommerce website operated on an early Magento version that lacked the latest features and wasn't accumulative for better performance, scalability, and security. Owing to the feature-rich properties of the latest version, an upgraded Magento commerce solution was a vital requirement.



This project's primary goal was to connect Nespresso with the Indonesian coffee lovers using:

  • An easy-to-use and browse mobile app
  • A website updated to the newest version of a Magento commerce solution
  • Integrate the mobile app to the popular Xendit payment
  • Provide support during promotional campaigns

The solutions rendered have eased Nespresso's penetration in Indonesian coffee-loving society. With modern mobility solutions, Nespresso fancies a loyal customer base and a thriving brand image, forwarding its legacy of 'Consumer Pleasure Above All’.

Key Features

  • A mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms that is easy to browse with a seamless checkout experience
  • An upgraded Magento commerce solution version online store
  • An on-the-go mobile app integrated with Indonesia's popular payment portal, Xendit.
  • An ongoing support during times when the promotional campaigns garnered/received peak traffic.

The Result

With Ranosys' reliable Magento platform development abilities, Nespresso now relishes an effortless and engaging digital commerce experience via the Nespresso mobile app. It leverages the power of a Magento commerce solution to drive growth of their B2C commerce base. The mobile solution played an instrumental role in introducing the brand to the Indonesian people, attending to their coffee needs, and securing several classic cups of espresso coffee. Today, Nespresso enjoys a flourishing online presence, furthering the Nespresso heritage and vision.


A Nespresso mobile app, developed for the Android and iOS platform, is a high-performing, efficient, and easily navigable solution that offers seamless shopping and checkout experiences to Indonesian coffee aficionados.

Besides connecting consumers directly with the brand, its website boasts several modern portioned coffee systems, empowering humans to craft a perfect Italian espresso.

Xendit is a top-rated payment provider in Indonesia. To allow users to employ the Nespresso mobile app fully and have an optimum experience, Ranosys' experts incorporated Xendit payment facility into the mobile app.

Technology Stack

Frameworks & Tools

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