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Ranosys has great expertise in various technologies along with a comprehensive understanding of several industry domains. Our approach focuses on new ways of business, combining IT innovation and adoption while also tapping on organization's current IT assets. We have designed and developed multifarious portals, mobile and web apps for SMEs, Startups, Fortune 500 companies, and government entities.

  • Charles & Keith in Dubai, UAE

    Designing an online presence for Charles & Keith with an end-to-end Magento solution
    Charles & Keith empowers women around the world to express themselves freely through fashion with Ranosys commerce experts.
    #Adobe #Sap #DigitalTranformation
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  • Victoria's Secret in the UAE

    Ranosys assists Victoria's Secret in managing content & promotional campaigns for its online site across Southeast Asia & Australia using Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
    Ranosys is helping Victoria's Secret to manage content & promotional campaigns for its online site across Southeast Asia & Australia.
    #DigitalCommerce #SalesforceCommerceCloud #Phoenix #OnlineRetail
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  • The Body Shop in Dubai, UAE

    Enhancing Customer Shopping Experiences for The Body Shop Indonesia
    Ranosys helped The Body Shop to improve customer experience while fulfilling skin and cosmetics products to nourish, enrich and uplift.
    #Adobe #DigitalTransformation #ExperienceDesign
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  • Mothercare in Dubai, UAE

    Nurturing Mothercare’s eCommerce growth with a high-performing Magento solution
    Mothercare helps mummies and babies to start their eternal bond by delivering their needs at doorsteps with Ranosys commerce experts.
    #Adobe #DigitalTransformation #ExperienceDesign
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  • Adani EIS in Dubai, UAE

    Empowering Adani Ports with a unified equipment inspection system
    Ranosys transformed Adani Ports’ manual equipment inspection and maintenance (EIS) process with a comprehensive digital solution that facilitates compliance and automated checks.
    #DigitalTransformation #Lowcode #OutSystems #Logistics
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  • Shell in Dubai, UAE

    Revamping Shell’s operations by leveraging automation, analytics and agile web solutions
    Ranosys helped Shell to transform its manual equipment repair workshop to a paperless workflow with analytics management dashboard.
    #DigitalTransformation #ExperienceDesign
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  • Nespresso in Dubai, UAE

    Nespresso reaches out Indonesian coffee lovers on the go with mobile commerce.
    Nespresso reaches out customers on the go for their regular caffeine needs with Ranosys mobility and commerce experts.
    #Adobe #DigitalTransformation #ExperienceDesign
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  • Digital Transformation of Rutland Cycling with Salesforce Clouds & Microsoft Business Central

    Rutland Cycling a revamped digital retail solution developed on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Order Management (SOM) system to offer customers effortless payment & checkout experience.
    Ranosys is supporting Rutland in its digital transformation journey of omnichannel experience for its customers with Salesforce ecosystem.
    #DigitalTransformation #Salesforce #SaleforceAdoption
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  • Optimized Salesforce Service Cloud for NatSteel to boost ROI and Performances

    Ranosys assisted NatSteel in migrating from Service Cloud to Platform licenses without impacting data integrity and existing operations.
    Ranosys optimized Salesforce Service Cloud licensing costs for NatSteel to boost ROI and performance.
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  • ComfortDelGro in Dubai, UAE

    Making ComfortDelGro’s internal news travel faster with SharePoint’s intranet portal
    Ranosys enhanced the employee engagement and morale at ComfortDelGro with a robust intranet portal that fosters seamless collaboration and communication.
    #SharePoint #DigitalTransformation #ExperienceDesign
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  • Zespri in Dubai, UAE

    Streamlining Zespri’s marketing practice with a one-stop digital solution
    Created SharePoint Intranet Marketing Portal for the world's largest marketer of kiwifruit to enhance their engagement within the marketing community.
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  • Amphenol in Dubai, UAE

    Increase in Salesforce ROI for a global electronics and electrical manufacturer
    Ranosys is supporting a global technology manufacturer, who is empowering tech-innovation companies in R&D, with Salesforce automations and consultation.
    #Salesforce #DigitalTransformation #SalesforceAdoption #Auto
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  • Parkway Health in Dubai, UAE

    Aligning Parkway’s digital transformation journey to transform healthcare industry
    Ranosys assisted Parkway Health in digitally enhancing their multitudes of healthcare services to their clients.
    #Mobility #DigitalTransformation #ExperienceDesign
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  • Kumon in Dubai, UAE

    Mobile App for Instructors and Students (Unique mobile apps for instructors and students to ease learning)
    Competitive mobile applications for Instructors and for Students to enhance the academic capabilities through e-learning concepts. Serviced by Ranosys from conception till support & maintenance.
    #Mobility #ProductEngineering #ExperienceDesign
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  • MIMS in Dubai, UAE

    Elevating Healthcare Services with MIMS’ Clinical Information System
    MIMS Clinical Information System developed by Ranosys automated healthcare practices of the hospital and resulted in improved patient care.
    #DigitalTransformation #ExperienceDesign #onlinemanagement
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  • ComfortDelGro

    Ranosys helped ComfortDelGro shift to digital operations in record-breaking time with a comprehensive portal backed by OutSystems’ modern capabilities
    #digitaltransformation #OutSystems #bookingportal #lowcode
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  • Amazin’ Graze Multi-Store eCommerce Solution with Shopify Plus

    Revamped the look and feel while ensuring the consistency of Amazin’ Graze branding along with improved website speed via Shopify Plus.
    Ranosys analysed Amazin’ Grace’s business model and how its eCommerce operations worked. The internal team wanted to automate backend processes and have less
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  • Strengthening the Blossom Nursery with a Customer Centric Web Solution

    Deployed a new website leveraging Drupal’s user-friendly and easy to maintain framework, designed keeping its business standards and key goals of engagement, education, and conversion in mind.
    Ranosys redefined the web experiences for The Blossom Nursery with a powerful, brand-centric, scalable, and easy-to-maintain Drupal CMS platform.
    #ContentManagement #Drupal #DigitalExperience
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  • Transformed AWWA’s Therapist Experiences with Salesforce Platform

    Ranosys developed a customized Salesforce application for AWWA as a single source of truth to view, maintain, and track their therapists. Integrated with Adobe Sign and S-Docs for better experience.
    AWWA providing digital platform to its therapist on Salesforce with the help of Ranosys.
    #DigitalTransformation #ExperienceDesign #Salesforce
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  • Improved user experiences of Phoon Huat with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    Ranosys improved browsing and shopping experiences and search options for end users with the help of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
    Ranosys providing enhancement support for both Salesforce Commerce and Service Cloud to Phoon Huat.
    #DigitalTransformation #ExperienceDesign
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  • Aarong in Singapore, UK, USA & UAE

    Ranosys transformed the visual imagery and user experience for Aarong’s digital commerce solution with its expert insights.
    #DigitalCommerce #Adobe #ExperienceDesign
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  • Electric House

    Ranosys assisted the Electric House in building, implementing, and managing a seamless B2B and B2C digital platform to boost its online sales while offering personalized experiences across devices and channels.
    Ranosys assisted the Electric House in building, implementing, and managing a seamless B2B and B2C digital platform to boost its online sales while offering personalized experiences across devices and channels.
    #Adobe #ExperienceDesign #DigitalTransformation
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