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Launch eCommerce stores in 6 weeks with Phoenix SFCC accelerator

Develop, deploy, and launch your eCommerce stores within weeks rather than months, while delivering exceptional online shopping experiences with Phoenix, a Salesforce Commerce Cloud eCommerce accelerator. Whether you want to explore new markets or simply launch your eCommerce store, Phoenix is built to fulfill your high-volume and fast-growing eCommerce needs at a reduced time-to-market and TCO. Drawing upon our extensive 15+ years of industry experience in eCommerce implementation and our strategic expertise with the Salesforce multi-cloud and industry solutions, Phoenix accomplishes 60-80% of your eCommerce requirements while allowing seamless customizations for the rest. Built on top of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, it leverages its cloud-based SaaS capabilities of scalability, mobile-first approach, AI-powered personalization, omnichannel commerce & more to deliver superior experiences within the tightest timelines and budgets.

Quickly launch eCommerce stores with Salesforce Commerce Cloud & Phoenix. 

Salesforce Phoenix Accelerator

Why Phoenix SFCC eCommerce accelerator?


Built ground-up on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Phoenix leverages all the platform’s industry-leading capabilities of Commerce Cloud Digital, SFRA, Endless Aisle, Order Management, predictive intelligence, mobile POS, and more to deliver personalized shopping experiences faster. 

Time to Value

On an average, it takes 3-9 months to build a custom eCommerce store. Phoenix SFCC accelerator comes pre-built with templates and features except for business-specific integrations and customization, empowering merchants to launch your online store within 6 weeks.


With multiple third-party integrations and extensions, our SFCC accelerator, Phoenix gives your complete power to tailor your eCommerce solutions as per changing customer preferences and market trends, to always deliver personalized experiences across channels. 

Cost Efficiency

The Phoenix Salesforce Commerce Cloud accelerator harnesses a prebuilt codebase to streamline development, reducing both time and investment. This cost-effective solution offers rich features and the flexibility to be customized to your unique needs.


Phoenix SFCC accelerator is built to scale with your business while seamlessly integrating with multiple third-party applications like CRM, marketing, service, shipping, inventory, order management, ratings, reviews, loyalty, payment gateways and solutions.

Smart & Insightful

Phoenix comes in-built with Salesforce Einstein AI that enables you to deliver intelligent experiences and product recommendations as per customer behavior and interests. This further drives scope for cross-selling opportunities and improves user experiences. 

Accelerate your eCommerce journey with Phoenix

Go live in 6 weeks with our innovative Phoenix eCommerce accelerator.


Here’s what you get -

  • Key Phoenix features
  • Embedded customer support
  • Payment gateway of your choice
  • Shipping providers integration
    • In-Store & Curbside Pickup
    • Salesforce Order Management
    • Loyalty Programs (YotPo)
    • Cart Abandonment & Transactional Email Solutions
    • Enhanced Mobile first ecommerce ready theme
    • Ratings & Review (YotPo)
    • Blogging & Product badges
    • Gift Certificate & Store Credit
    • Payment Gateway (CyberSource, PayPal, Stripe)
    • Live Chat & Case Management Integration

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