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Streamlining Zespri’s marketing practice with a one-stop digital solution

Zespri Case Study Ranosys

“Created a SharePoint Intranet Marketing Portal for the world’s largest marketer of Kiwifruit, Zespri, to enhance their engagement within the marketing practice.”

With a strong network that expands across 50 countries, Zespri International Limited is the world’s largest marketer of Kiwifruit.

Formed as a co-operative of Kiwifruit growers in New Zealand in 1997, Zespri works with around 2,800 New Zealand and 1,500 international growers and post-harvest companies to source the best-quality Zespri Kiwifruit and then, supply it through distribution partners to wholesale and retail customers.

They aim to create sustainable long-term value for Kiwifruit growers by offering consumers the world’s leading portfolio of branded Kiwifruit around the year.

Website : www.zespri.com

Industry : Food & Beverages



To ensure that the Kiwifruit growers’ products reach their rightful market, Zespri leverages the talent of a large marketing team. From storing product portfolio and curating promotional strategies to tracking marketing campaigns, Zespri’s marketing team manages multiple responsibilities everyday through a tedious and manual process.

As Zespri grew in size, so did the tasks handled by the marketing team. Overlapping tasks, ambiguity amongst product portfolios and difficult tracking of marketing campaigns started to impact productivity.



In the initial years of Zespri’s success, a manual process ensured that the process remained centralized and under surveillance. As years passed by, it became imperative that they empower their team by a mechanism which promotes delegation and ensures monitoring.

With Ranosys’ consultation and advice, their core team decided to migrate to a robust intranet solution which would support their long-term growth plan and bring transparency to their internal marketing operations.

The Result

With a team of certified Microsoft professionals, Ranosys took a plunge into the working of Zespri International and developed a SharePoint intranet exclusively for their marketing operations which breaks down communication barriers, data silos and allows geographical segmentation. Their final digital solution helps their team by -

  • Creation of separate product portfolios and catalogue repository for the entire range
  • Establishing a centralized document management system with the required version control and approval mechanism.
  • Enabling smooth collaboration between every member of the marketing team.


After the implementation of SharePoint intranet in their marketing operations, Zespri International registered an enormous improvement in productivity and efficiency of their team. Here’re a few positive changes that took place

Marketing teams can access past historical data at one place and improve their predictions and estimates accordingly.

Backed by SharePoint, Zespri’s intranet syncs the entire distributed team and empowers them to work from anywhere with equal efficiency.

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