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Revamping Shell’s operations by leveraging automation, analytics and agile web solutions

Shell Case Study Ranosys

Ranosys helped Shell to transform its manual equipment repair workshop to a paperless workflow with analytics management dashboard.”

Shell is one of the leading global group of energy and petrochemical companies. Shell was established 113 years ago in London in the year 1907. It is currently headquartered in the Netherlands. Shell continues to be a major player in the energy and petrochemicals sector, in areas such as manufacturing, trading, gas, chemicals, retail, lubricants, aviation, marine and bitumen.

Shell established its presence in Singapore in 1891 and currently Singapore is one of the most important hubs of Shell in Asia Pacific. Furthermore, Shell Singapore is also considered as one of the headquarters for global business. At present, Shell focuses on research and innovation to develop new technology solutions and on the edge of digital transformation of all the company processes.

Website : www.shell.com

Industry : Oil and Gas



As Shell’s main focus is complete digital transformation with research and innovation many manual workflows are automated. Therefore, Shell wanted to digitize its equipment repair workflow since the following challenges were encountered with the manual workflow.

  • Difficulty in maintaining and tracking the status of all the equipment repairs since they are recorded in hard copies.
  • Repair logging forms are fixed and unable to change the form format frequently.
  • High cost for printed versions of repair recording and other related resources required in manual workflow.
  • Reduced productivity of employees since maintaining paper based repair logs consumes a huge amount of time.




Driving towards complete digital transformation is the key goal of Shell and currently investing largely on research and innovation to develop technology solutions. Therefore, automating equipment repair manual processes supported Shell to seamlessly manage and track equipment repairs and it also reduced the cost and wastage of paper. Furthermore, automated processes overtook recurring manual work of employees therefore it led to productivity of employees which can be used for effective and efficient work.

Responsive Design of Shell  Website

Key Features


  • Super Admin and Admin have the ability to manage users and equipment details.
  • Designers have the ability to create repair workflows by creating specific checklists which are specific to certain equipment.
  • Designers have the ability to create dynamic forms based on the type of the equipment repairs.
  • Execution Engineers, Workshop Engineers, Workshop Users, Contractors, Discipline Engineers have the ability to create workpacks and record details about the equipment repairs.

iPad/Tablet Solution

  • iPad/Tablet solution consists of minimum features which can be mainly used by Execution Engineers, Workshop Engineers, Workshop Users, Contractors, Discipline Engineers who are field level users.
  • The iPad and Tablet users are able to perform all the activities in offline mode and data will be synchronized during online mode.
  • iPad/Tablet users have the ability to scan the QR code of the work pack instead of entering the details manually.


Availability of Web Application which includes Admin functionalities and other functionalities than the iPad solution.

iPad solution consists of limited functionalities which are required for field level employees.

iPad/Tablet solution has the capability for the users to use the solution in offline mode since the field level users do not have constant internet connection.

Solution has the capability to create dynamic forms based on the customer desire.

Both web based solution and iPad solution are used by multiple users who are holding multiple user roles.

Technology stack

Mobile Apps



visual studio



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