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Optimized CX & streamlined the enterprise model for Techbuyer with Adobe Commerce Cloud

Optimized Customer Experiences and Streamlined the Enterprise Model for Techbuyer

“Leveraging Ranosys’ expertise in Adobe Commerce Cloud, Techbuyer migrated its legacy website from Magento 2 open-source to Adobe Commerce Cloud, seamlessly managing their complex network of integrations and building a sustainable roadmap for their next phase of growth.”

Founded in 2005, Techbuyer has grown from a company run by just two people to a global organization with multiple warehouse facilities located worldwide. Techbuyer possesses decades of experience in buying used enterprise IT equipment and selling new and certified refurbished IT parts and has worked with thousands of organizations worldwide. They even help businesses maximize their IT budgets by supplying cost-effective new and quality refurbished servers, storage, memory and networking equipment from over 150 brands including HPE, Dell, IBM, Cisco, and Lenovo.

Website : https://www.techbuyer.com/

Industry : Retail & eCommerce

The Challenge

As Techbuyer was a part of the open-source Magento community, it was experiencing several issues and challenges with catering both their B2B & B2C customers on the existing platform. Additionally, Techbuyer had an extremely complex and disparate enterprise model that required the assistance and support of multiple systems - PIM, ERP, Stock Management, payment solutions, marketing and marketplace. Due to the lack of a seamless integration between these systems and Techbuyer’s eCommerce platform, their team experienced challenges around website performance and user experience. 

In their current accelerated growth phase that encompassed a long-term goal of growing within the B2B domain, Techbuyer required a platform that empowered their team with agility, scalability, and flexibility to keep up with the changing market dynamics and user requirements.  With the Magento 2 open source platform, Techbuyer found it hard to scale their digital presence and offer customized user experiences.


The primary objective of Techbuyer was to migrate to the latest version of Adobe Commerce Cloud. Our teams focussed on constructing a customized and thematic eCommerce solution that could effectively add to and keep up with ever-increasing and changing requirements. As Techbuyer enjoyed a global presence across multiple countries, they wanted an unified multi-buying solution in one place. Moreover, their team wanted to fix bottlenecks around website performance, integration with third-party systems, and code optimization. In their current business expansion phase, Techbuyer had the ultimate goal of building a future roadmap that included strategizing their next phase of growth, expanding within the B2B ecosystem, and offering personalized experiences to both their B2B and B2C customers.  

Responsive Design of techbuyer

The Result

Our team implemented the latest version of Adobe Commerce while ensuring a seamless integration with Akaneo (PIM) and NetSuite (ERP). We also integrated with their custom stock management system and M2E marketplace management system to better optimize their workflow and streamline across B2B and B2C and serve the end goal of empowering Techbuyer’s customers to smoothly access its extensive product and service offerings. 

Post the initial release, Techbuyer underwent an on-site experience assessment with Ranosys’ in-house strategy team to identify key improvement areas and use that as a foundation to build a structured roadmap for the subsequent phases. As Techbuyer is in a digital optimization and evolution stage, this assessment helped Techbuyer and Ranosys determine ways to better present their ever-expanding catalog of products and services while enabling self-service access for Techbuyer’s customers. The ultimate aim of it was to offer better personalized experiences for their B2B and B2C customers. 


Migrated from Magento 2 open source to Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Implementing a plan for B2B retailing in subsequent phases.

Integrated the current eCommerce solution with the ERP platform, Oracle NetSuite. 

Integrated their website with Akeneo to radically transform product information management (PIM) to improve customer experiences.

Integrated with an internal pricing system for business process automation across hybrid IT environments. 

Integrated with the popular payment gateway, Adyen 

Currently preparing to implement the Adobe Sensei tool for product recommendations and live search.

Technology Stack

Frameworks & Tools

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