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Secure, Optimize, Thrive: AEM Health Check for enhanced DX

Boost the performance, stability, and reliability of your Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) environment with Ranosys, a 3X award-winning Adobe Gold Partner. Even after a proper Adobe Experience Manager implementation, your AEM instance might suffer from security vulnerabilities or configuration issues, resulting in poor performances and diminished business value. Our AEM health check services are designed and tailored to ensure the stability, robustness, and future-readiness of your AEM instances. Undertaken by a team of AEM experts and developers, our solutions uncover potential issues/threats and help improve performance, security, SEO and scalability of your AEM environment. From system upgrades and migrating to AEM as a Cloud Service to reviewing server configuration, CI/CD processes, audit caching, architecture, and content structure, our AEM services help you make the most of your AEM investment.

Tailored AEM health check solutions to fit your business requirements.

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What our AEM Health Check package includes

Architecture Review

Our AEM experts examine the CMS architecture diagrams, processes, workflows, flow diagrams, etc. to form a comprehensive understanding of the current state. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, our Adobe consultants seek insights into the expected future state of the CMS.

Server Configuration Review

Our AEM services experts provide comprehensive support for system management. This includes assessing region layout, providing general sizing recommendations, identifying resource bottlenecks, reviewing storage configuration and performance, and operating systems performing tuning options.

Content Structure Review

To ensure the search engine optimization of your content, evaluating and assessing content arrangement within the AEM instance is imperative. Our AEM services include reviewing the AEM content repository layout, content hierarchy, metadata, website schemas, and the health of your AEM Sites and AEM Assets.

AEM Configuration Review

To ensure a successful Adobe Experience Manager implementation, we assess and review your AEM datastore configuration, JVM memory settings (AEM-specific), run modes, and more. Our AEM developers customize OSGi settings and even suggest and train on methods of making these configuration changes.

AEM Services & Bundles Review

Our AEM health check services include checking if bundles are running as expected, identify bundles not needed, additional AEM add-ons in use, check for bundle-version mismatch, file system anomalies, and more. We also recommend security hotfixes or patch updates to improve overall performance.

AEM Integrations

The data that comes from a third-party integrated system can severely impact the performance of your AEM instance and overall website speed.  Our AEM consultants carry a thorough check of your system integrations to ensure their optimum performance and seamless connectivity with AEM Sites.


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What you get with our AEM health check package


AEM Health Check
  1. Security scan of your AEM deployment
  2. Review of AEM configurations against Adobe’s recommendations
  3. Assessment of SEO configurations and practices
  4. Comprehensive report and roadmap 
  5. Actionable steps to optimize SEO, performance, and scalability
  6. Actionable steps to mitigate security issues
  7. Best practice recommendations to help you maintain the long-term health and performance of your AEM instance
  8. Solving challenges related to content editing, high server resource utilization, and other issues

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