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BrillDog utilizes OutSystems to efficiently revolutionize the SMB supply chain

The need for speed:  BrillDog utilizes OutSystems to quickly and efficiently revolutionize the supply chain industry for SMBs

“Leveraging Ranosys’ expertise in OutSystems low-code platform, BrillDog™ streamlined its development process to build  a cloud-based Supply Chain Management System (SCMS).”

BrillDog™ is an advanced, integrated solution that manages supply chain processes and data for small to mid-sized companies. Customers benefit from the affordable, real-time, cloud-based supply chain functionality, management, and analysis. The BrillDog™ technology builds on years of logistics expertise, a deep understanding of supply chain needs, and powerful new technologies.

Website : https://scms.brilldog.com/

Industry : Logistics & Supply Chain, Transportation Management Solution


BrillDog™ was founded with the notion that supply chain technology should be accessible and affordable for everyone. With a team that holds over 150 years of collective experience, the primary goal of this project was to significantly upgrade the current Transportation Management System (TMS) while building out a revolutionary SCMS.

Recognizing the critical limitations and challenges for small to mid-sized businesses in managing their supply chain operations, BrillDog™ wanted to enhance its existing capabilities and deliver an exceptional user experience for all. The need for a comprehensive supply chain management system (SCMS) that unifies a company’s entire product life cycle (Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return), prompted a need for an innovative solution. 


BrillDog’s primary objective was to develop a cloud-based SCMS platform, to enhance visibility, collaboration, and efficiency across a company’s supply chain network.


Utilizing the powerful OutSystems high-performance low-code platform, our OutSystems team  developed an integrated supply chain management solution (SCMS) portal. Integration with third-party systems was a critical aspect to enhance overall performance and reliability, resulting in a consolidated platform that unified all processes, ranging from goods movement to tracking and payment, within a single cohesive system.

One significant aspect of the SCMS portal development involved integrating a leading mapping and location data platform and a rating engine. By incorporating these applications, the SCMS portal gained advanced location-based services, enabling accurate tracking and visualization of product movements throughout the supply chain. The integration of the rating engine, tracking and visualization, facilitated the provision of reliable and comprehensive product and service ratings, offering valuable insights to users and promoting informed decision-making.

To further enhance the functionality and capabilities of the SCMS portal, Ranosys seamlessly integrated SMC3 (NMFC) through GraphQL. SMC3, a prominent provider of transportation APIs and rate solutions, facilitates streamlined freight transportation by enabling interactions with the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC). This integration allowed for efficient management of freight transportation activities, including freight classification, rate calculations, and compliance with NMFC standards.

Ensuring seamless and secure online payment transactions was critical in the development of the SCMS portal. To achieve this, Ranosys integrated an established payment processor into the SCMS portal, users were provided with a secure and reliable payment processing mechanism, enabling smooth and convenient online transactions within the supply chain ecosystem.

The final integration piece by our team was with a reporting package that pulls all of the BrillDog data together in a single dashboard for their users.

Responsive Design of Brilldog Website

The Results

Utilizing the OutSystems low-code platform for BrillDog™ yielded significant cost and time savings. The project, which would have traditionally taken approximately one year to complete, was successfully accomplished within an impressive timeframe of 6-7 months. This expedited development timeline can be attributed to the accelerated production of custom modules and functionalities, with the added advantage of swift issue resolution and bug fixes.

The OutSystems platform has seamlessly integrated into the operations of the BrillDog™ team, becoming the default system for their development needs. This successful adoption has empowered the team to pursue a fast-paced go-to-market strategy, enabling them to swiftly develop and deploy additional functionalities. The low-code nature of the platform has proven instrumental in facilitating rapid prototyping, iteration, and delivery of these new features, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.


Developed a user-friendly website on OutSystems to simplify and automate the process of creating shipments and quotations

Created an SCMS portal to optimize supply chain operations and enhance visibility

Integrated a mapping platform and rating engine for improved location-based services and accurate service ratings

Integrated SMC3 (NMFC) via GraphQL for streamlined freight transportation and interaction with the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC)

Integrated an established payment processor as a secure and reliable payment gateway for seamless online payment transactions

Synchronizing BrillDog's user data seamlessly between the OutSystems platform and their pre-existing legacy system

Technology stack

Frameworks & Tools


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