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HARRIER: Spearhead your online journey with B2B commerce


The perfect eCommerce accelerator for your B2B business

Ranosys brings to you Harrier, a B2B eCommerce accelerator, developed exclusively to assist B2B businesses kick start their online journey. Our B2B eCommerce accelerator helps you curate a user-friendly customer journey for your online business customers with high-performing B2B functionalities at an accelerated speed. With Ranosys, your B2B eCommerce solution will boost your revenue in the shortest possible time! With our head office in Singapore, we have 8 offices globally in the USA, UK,Middle East and APAC regions.

Fasten your time-to-market and achieve enterprise-level scalability with Harrier

Salesforce Harrier Accelerator

Why Harrier?

Boost Your Online Business With a Feature Rich B2B eCommerce Solution

Quicker Time-to-market

Harrier can help start your B2B eCommerce business with the right functionalities and features to help you get the best value for your time and investments.

Boost Revenue

With a range of pre-built features and integrations, Harrier can help you give your users a better user experience that translates into better conversions, customer loyalty and repeat business.

Reduce Cost

A pre-built self service portal, customer segmentation based on products and accuracy on orders will reduce your per order cost.

Omnichannel Sales & Services

Using real-time feedback and omnichannel capabilities, Harrier will assist you in providing end-to-end customer support across all the storefronts and help you manage your business efficiently.

Quality & Optimization

Harrier is built for making the B2B eCommerce solution simple and easy for online buyers by implementing B2B specific features including fast reorders, account hierarchies, custom catalogs and pricing, shipping to multiple locations and more.

Salesforce Ecosystem

With Salesforce CRM, Harrier will help businesses to deliver personalized products and their customized pricing for different buyers and personalized shopping experiences that improves customer conversations and engagement.

Harrier Salesforce B2B Accelerator

Ideal eCommerce plan for B2B businesses.

Key Features

    • Mobile Commerce Experience
    • Account Management
    • Buyer Specific Custom Catalog and Pricing
    • Complex Checkout
    • Order Management
    • eCommerce Ecosystem Integrations (YotPo)

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