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Boost internal productivity, elevate operational efficiency of end-to-end business processes, and rapidly deliver new business processes that drive revenue with Ranosys, a leading OutSystems Partner with deep expertise in low-code process automation services. Our team of 100+ certified OutSystems developers automate simple internal workflows, complex mission-critical business processes involving claims handling, policy underwriting, and loan origination, and ad hoc business processes while rebuilding them with improved UI, logic and integrations. With 15+ years of cross-industry expertise, Ranosys fulfills all field service automation use cases across the manufacturing, transportation and logistics, energy & utilities sector and case management automation needs across the insurance, banking, and government verticals.

Leverage process automation services from certified OutSystems developers.

Why Ranosys for OutSystems low-code process automation services?

As a trusted OutSystems Partner, Ranosys leads in customer satisfaction and professional certification rankings to build enterprise apps that dramatically improve outcomes and ROIs. 

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Our OutSystems Process Automation Services

Process Automation Consulting

Already automated simple workflows and now want to automate business-critical functions? Our OutSystems consultants assess existing processes to propose custom automation solutions.

Solution Design & Architecture

We work closely with your team to translate requirements into a comprehensive design. It includes defining and automating workflows and designing intuitive front-end/backend apps.

Custom Low-Code Development

From building fit-to-purpose apps and web portals to coding business-critical solutions, our low-code app development services fulfill all your field service & case management needs.

Integration & API Management

We ensure seamless integration and aggregation of data across existing systems and external services with your OutSystems apps through APIs, connectors, and robust data pipelines. 

Support & Maintenance

From optimizing existing automation workflows to deploying ad hoc & critical process automation solutions, our ongoing support and maintenance services improve service quality and delivery.

Resource Augmentation

Across all process automation use cases, our extended team of OutSystems consultants, developers & MVPs help augment your internal development capabilities and drive innovation.


We align our success with our client's success

Our client-centric approach delivers client satisfaction consistently.


We support all your process automation use cases

Our capabilities and expertise across OutSystems help you leverage the platform to the fullest and drive forward your business process automation goals.

Intelligent Process Automation

We employ OutSystems in-built AI/ML capabilities to drive intelligence, integrate with external intelligent services for data consolidation, and leverage OCR functionalities to automatically extract relevant details from documents, images & forms to support your process automation goals.

Field Service Optimization

Quickly develop multi-channel apps with cross-functional automation workflows for all your stakeholders, field agents & contractors across devices and OS. We also assist with replacing your COTS/EOL systems with OutSystems low-code to drive operational efficiency and field engagement.

Business Process Management

Automate and innovate your business processes for higher productivity and efficiency with OutSystems business process management capabilities. From audit trails, event handling, process analytics and complex integrations to work routing and allocation, we leverage all OutSystems low-code capabilities to deliver efficient BPM solutions.

Case Management Optimization

Our OutSystems developers build, monitor, optimize, and innovate robust case management apps at scale to accomplish all use cases around claims & policy management, loan origination, mobile inspections, help desk ticketing, legal and regulatory compliances, and more.

Supply Chain Resilience

Automate and streamline processes such as procurement, order management, logistics coordination, and supplier management with OutSystems. From exception management and resilience planning to process automation app development that enables real-time visibility into the supply chain, our team assists you throughout.

Workflow Automation

Whether you want to automate simple internal tasks for higher productivity or implement intelligent AI-driven automation for critical and ad hoc business processes, our OutSystems developers define the sequence of tasks, automate approvals, handle exceptions, and monitor progress.

A glance at our awards and recognition

We take immense pride in having received various accolades over the years that testify for our work ethic and vibrant culture.

Singapore Business Awards - APAC Insider

Top 10 Most Promising Low-Code Solutions Providers

OutSystems - Quality App Badge in Transportation & Logistics


Trusted by leading brands including Fortune 500

We are proud to work with some of the most renowned brands in the world.




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