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B2B sales processes can be complex, especially considering the diverse range of products across various industries. Moreover, with extended sales cycles and B2B buyers now expecting personalized eCommerce experiences similar to B2C customers, finding an eCommerce solution that caters to both industry-specific and customer demands is challenging. To counter these challenges, Ranosys has developed a leading-edge eCommerce accelerator, Harrier, powered by Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud that empowers B2B enterprises to digitize their sales processes, scale up operations, and launch eCommerce stores within weeks. Whether you're transitioning from offline to online, upgrading from legacy systems to a more flexible eCommerce platform, expanding product lines, or entering new markets, Harrier B2B eCommerce accelerator is built to fulfill all your business needs at a reduced time-to-market and TCO.

Craft intelligent B2B eCommerce journeys with Harrier.

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Why Harrier B2B eCommerce Accelerator?


Built ground-up on Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, Harrier leverages all the platform’s industry-leading capabilities of unified commerce platform, flexible pricing and quoting, advanced catalog management, self-service portals, and more.

Enterprise-grade Scalability

Harrier B2B eCommerce accelerator is built to scale as your business gfrows. Whether it is expanding product lines, entering new markets, or accommodating traffic surges,  Harrier's robust architecture ensures seamless scalability.

Cost Efficiency

Harrier Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud accelerator harnesses a pre-built codebase, features and functionalities, eliminating the need for extensive development work, reducing both time and investment needs.

Time to Value

Typically, launching a custom B2B eCommerce store requires months. Harrier comes pre-built with templates and features except for business-specific integrations and customization, empowering merchants to start selling goods and generate revenue faster.

Pre-built Integrations

Harrier harnesses a comprehensive suite of built-in integrations such as Salesforce CPQ, Pardot, Marketing Cloud, Adyen payment, Avalara & Vertex Tax Compliance, PIM tools like PIMCore & inRiver, OMS, Service Cloud, Field Loyalty solutions, Zenkraft shipping provider, and more.

Smart & Insightful

Harrier comes in-built with intelligent data analytics that enables you to deliver intelligent experiences with predictive analytics and product recommendations as per user behavior & interests. It allows businesses to make informed decisions and optimize strategies effectively.


We align our success with our clients' success

Our client centering approach delivers client satisfaction consistently.


Is Harrier what you need to achieve eCommerce goals?

Built on top of Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, Harrier lets you start selling in weeks. Through your commerce platform, you will be able to open a new revenue or distribution channel, digitize your order process, and showcase your catalog online to your B2B clients. Deliver B2C-like experiences to your B2B buyers quickly with Harrier Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud Accelerator.


Tailored B2B eCommerce solutions across industries

Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale & Distribution



Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

Accelerate your B2B eCommerce success with Harrier

Here’s what you get

  • Tailor-made and packaged support plans
  • Dedicated support team
  • Critical round-the-clock support
  • Extensive customizations
  • Buyer Specific Custom Catalog & Pricing, bulk ordering through template
  • Customizable  wishlist, widgets, Order template & more
  • Support for multiple payment gateways and custom shipping preferences
  • Flexible order management and automation through SFDC capabilities
  • Rule-based and predictive intelligence merchandising, and personalized catalog experience
  • Multiple account management, attribute-driven personalization, and enhanced checkout experience
  • Pre-built integrations with Cybersource, Adyen, Avalara, zenkraft, Vertex, Mailchimp, PIMCore, inRiver, and Fielo
  • Seamlessly integrated with Salesforce OMS, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Pardot, and Salesforce CRM

Excellence within the Salesforce ecosystem

Ranosys and Salesforce partnership is built on innovation, helps enterprises navigate the complexities of the Salesforce ecosystem and focuses on delivering customer success. 

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