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Developed the Atome SFCC cartridge for easy checkout with Atome payment gateway

Developed the Atome SFCC cartridge for easy checkout with Atome payment gateway

“Leveraging Ranosys’ expertise in Salesforce cartridge development, Atome now empowers SFCC merchants to offer Atome as a payment solution and shoppers to pay for their purchases in a convenient and comfortable way via a Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud payment cartridge.”

Atome is a Buy now pay Later (BNPL) brand that empowers consumers to shop for their favorite items and split their bills into flexible deferred payments over time, with zero annual or processing fees. Launched in 2019, Atome has partnered with over 15,000 online and offline retailers across fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and homeware in offering their consumers choice, flexibility and convenience in how they choose to shop and pay. Their BNPL solution is available in 9 markets across Southeast Asia and Greater China. Under the umbrella of Atome Financial, Atome also offers other financial services, including Cards and micro-financing options to the unbanked and underbanked population across ASEAN and provide them with an affordable access to credit.

Website : https://www.atome.sg/

Industry : Financial Services


Atome is a highly popular payment solution in the ASEAN region that allows its shoppers to buy products and pay for them in three or more fixed installments at a frequency of one month. For its flexibility and convenience in paying for goods and services, Atome has partnered with some of the leading eCommerce retailers in the region to quickly offer Atome payment methods to their storefronts. 

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud being one of the leading eCommerce platforms, Atome wanted to offer their SFCC merchants with a readymade and easy-to-deploy Salesforce cartridge for a quick checkout via the Atome payment gateway. This Atome Salesforce cartridge would enable the retailers and online store owners to offer Atome as a payment method, thus improving checkout efficiency and experiences. Moreover, the Atome team wanted to develop and release the Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge on LINK Marketplace so that SFCC retailers can seamlessly integrate Atome as a payment solution to improve their store’s checkout experiences.


Our primary goal was to develop a Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge for Atome to be offered as a payment method to shoppers during checkout by SFCC merchants. This Atome Salesforce cartridge would include features to create new payments, get payment information, cancel order, and refund order. The ‘payment breakdown’ would be displayed on the product, cart, and checkout pages. Moreover, the cartridge was to be made available to Salesforce Commerce Cloud retailers in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong regions. Subsequently, when the cartridge was implemented to the SFCC storefronts, customers in these regions would be able to utilize this BNPL payment solution and flexibly buy products/services. 

The Atome team wanted to implement the Atome API of cancel and refund transactions in the Atome SFRA cartridge. Our team developed this custom functionality for Atome. Moreover, we also upgraded the SFCC SFRA plugin to support multiple languages like Thai, Bahasa, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean depending on the language a shopper selected on the SFCC storefront.

Responsive Design of Atome Website

The Results

Our certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge development team developed the Atome-Salesforce and published it on the LINK Marketplace and Salesforce AppExchange for easy availability of SFCC merchants. Similar to other Atome plugins, this cartridge can be easily integrated to the SFCC storefronts, adapts to the default language selection of a user, and provides them with the flexibility to complete their purchases and pay for it in installments. This new plugin now empowers many SFCC retailers to choose Atome as a payment solution to improve their payment and checkout experiences. On the contrary, Atome has now expanded its partnership portfolio to several other merchants who now employ this payment solution.


Development of cartridge for integration with Atome for providing finance payment option as alternative to credit card 

Upgraded the plugin to provide multi-country and multi-locale support 

Cartridge support for both SFRA and SiteGenesis 

Cartridge certification from Salesforce and launching  on B2C LINK Marketplace

Technology stack

Frameworks & Tools

Salesforce commerce cloud
Salesforce app exchange

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