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Developed a multisite eCommerce solution for Aarong with Adobe Commerce Cloud and Adobe Sensei

Aarong Ranosys

“Leveraging Ranosys’ expertise in Adobe Commerce Cloud, Aarong offers visually compelling and personalized user experiences with a modern eCommerce solution that prioritizes their customer’s needs and interests.“

Aarong is a chain of Bangladeshi department stores specializing in Bengali ethnic wear and handicrafts. It is owned by the non-profit development agency BRAC, and employs thousands of rural artisans across the country. Apart from its 23 retail stores across Bangladesh, Aarong also possesses a strong online presence, including mobile, social, and B2C marketplaces. The organization was established in 1978. Aarong operates production units in rural and semi-urban areas as a part of its social enterprise model and provides the market linkage through its own retail outlets.

Website : https://www.aarong.com/ 

Industry : Retail & eCommerce



As Aarong was a part of the open-source Magento community, their online solution wasn’t carved as per the modern experience-driven ecosystem. It lacked the modern much-demanded features of omnichannel commerce such as easy-to-use page builder, mobile centricity, AI-driven product recommendations, localized and custom payment solutions, seamless integration, and custom report building amongst a few. Moreover, due to several third-party APIs integrated to their open-source Magento platform, their customers faced performance issues, eventually impacting revenue goals and customer satisfaction. As Aarong has physical retail stores as well, it had to track the progress, sales, profits, and ROIs of both their offline and online retail verticals separately, which often led to data discrepancies and errors. The brand wished to uniform their total sales under one system, leverage user needs and interests, and offer personalized experiences.



Aarong wanted to develop an omnichannel eCommerce solution centered around their customers and brand values. Our team:

  • Implemented several of Adobe Commerce Cloud features and capabilities, including a multi-brand solution to support all its brands via one portal- Aarong, Taaga, Taaga Men, and HerStory. 

  • Leveraged the page builder feature to create and launch product pages and other content pages seamlessly without developer support and offer user-centric shopping experiences. 

  • Offer powerful user experiences, by employing the AI-led product recommendations solution, Adobe Sensei to offer upselling and cross-selling opportunities. This AI-based engine now studies their user’s behavior, popular trends, similar products, etc. to boost Aarong’s online sales. Our team also implemented the live search option to allow users to effortlessly and easily search for their relevant products. 

  • Leveraged Adobe Analytics and Reports to assist with reporting and insights around market trends and customer preferences. Also, we built custom reports as required for the brand. 

  • Integrated gift cards and reward systems to boost user engagement along with ensuring seamless integration with third-party CRM and ERP systems via Magento APIs. 

  • Developed native apps for iOS and Android with Adobe Commerce as their backend system. 

  • Implemented localized payment solutions that are popular in Bangladesh for superior payment and checkout experience. 

  • Currently implementing the Uniware Omnichanneling order management system (OMS) for its multi-brand Adobe Commerce solution.

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The Result

Leveraging the industry-leading features and capabilities of Adobe Commerce Cloud, the leading brand of Bangladesh, Aarong delivers superior omnichannel experiences across touchpoints and devices. Moreover, Aarong can now effortlessly track all its KPIs under a single dashboard, hence, boosting user satisfaction. 

With Adobe Sensei, Aarong now tracks and studies its user’s behavior, runs personalized marketing campaigns, and recommends products to boost cross-selling and upselling numbers. Moreover, its product pages include all competitive features such as zoom in, zoom out, view similar products, dynamic pricing, find in store, size guide, product videos, shop the look, and social sharing of products amongst a few to allow for seamless product ordering and user engagement.

Along with the Aarong reward system, users are automatically allotted discounts, coupons and rewards, thus elevating the return orders number. Our team also unified Aarong and all its associated brands - Taaga, Taaga Men, and HerStory to allow managing all its customers and business from one platform. 


Migrated their online site from Magento 1 Enterprise to Magento 2 Commerce Cloud

Conducted a site audit to understand the key areas which need improvisation

Optimized the code to ensure best Magento practice to boost application stability and user experience

Custom Integrated with Aarong’s existing CRM platform Embedded ERP

Extension customizations as per requirements Implemented Adobe Sensei for marketing and product recommendations

Currently implementing the Uniware Omnichanneling order management system (OMS)

Integrated with popular payment options in the region to offer localized payment and checkout experiences

Implemented Adobe Analytics and Reports for market and customer insights

Developed native apps for iOS and Android with Adobe Commerce as its backend

Technology Stack

Frameworks & Tools


Mobile Apps


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