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Developed a multisite eCommerce solution for Wine Connection with Adobe Commerce Cloud

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“Leveraging Ranosys’ expertise in Adobe Commerce Cloud, Wine Connection offers visually compelling and personalized user experiences with a modern eCommerce solution with competitive third-party integrations that prioritizes their customer’s needs and interests.“

Wine Connection is the leading chain of wine shops and full-service wine-themed restaurants in South-East Asia namely  in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea. Wine Connection Group owns and operates the largest chain of wine retail shops and full-service wine-themed restaurants in Thailand and Singapore. We are the exclusive importer of over 400+ labels of wines from around the world, craft beers, glassware and related accessories, as well as selected delicatessen products.

Since its inception in 1998, Wine Connection has steadily grown the number of wine retail shops, and diversified into the full-service restaurant business by introducing the integrated retail wine shop – restaurant concept, becoming the leader in Thailand and Singapore with 81 outlets to date, and counting.

Website : https://wineconnection.com.sg/

Industry : Alcoholic Beverages and Food

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The Challenge

Wine Connection is known in the SEA region for its wines and the effortless user experiences it offers via its digital platform. As more customers in the region preferred buying wines and similar beverages online via its eCommerce website, Wine Connection wanted to improve the performance and speed of its digital solution to serve its customers with compelling online experiences. As they leveraged Magento open source platform for their current multi-site needs, the digital solution faced performance issues with  slow loading time of web pages especially during promotional campaigns and peak traffic times. Their team wanted to implement the modern and competitive capabilities of Adobe Commerce Cloud to improve UX and offer peak performances at all times. 


In terms of the UI/UX design, Wine Connection’s current digital experience was not in line with their current brand image and guidelines. Moreover, hosting of their legacy digital solution was  separately managed on AWS which required high maintenance. 


The primary goal of this project was to develop a multi-site eCommerce solution for Wine Connection, driven around their target audiences and brand values. leveraging Adobe Commerce Cloud. Their team wanted to implement several features and functionalities of Adobe Commerce, including a multi-location single ecommerce solution to support its websites in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Our team conducted a site audit to understand the key areas which need improvisation, and then revamped the design of the website to offer tailored and brand-centric eCommerce experiences. 

Other significant goals and objectives included:

  • Implemented Adobe Analytics and Reports to assist with insights and reporting analytics around market trends and user behaviors and preferences.
  • Integrate gift cards and reward systems to Adobe Commerce Cloud to boost user engagement.
  • Seamlessly integrate with competitive third-party CMS, OMS and inventory management systems to offer a consistent experience to users and their workforce. 
  • Implement and integrate popular region-based payment solutions for easy payment and checkout experiences. Also implement a custom payment solution of Thailand’s Kasikorn Bank.
  • Implement the email marketing solution, Campaign Monitor by creating a separate module using REST APIs.
Responsive Design of wine connection Website

The Result

Leveraging the industry-leading features and capabilities of Adobe Commerce Cloud, Wine Connection delivers superior and fast multi-site experiences across touchpoints and devices. Moreover, Wine Connection can now effortlessly track all its KPIs under a single dashboard, hence, boosting user satisfaction. 

With Adobe Commerce Cloud’s scalable architecture, our team resolved Wine Connection’s performance issue. Moreover, with the integrated Campaign Monitor tool, Wine Connection now tracks and studies its user’s behavior, their preferences, past history, and other details to execute personalized email marketing campaigns. This integration also helps Wine Connection with product recommendations, thus improving cross-selling and upselling opportunities. 

Moreover, custom integration of Wine Connection with Kasikorn Bank for the Thailand website resulted in seamless payment services and experiences. Along with Primer Payment, Wine Connection has a fully automated payment system allowing them to add, remove, and change payment providers without any development. 


Migrated Wine Connection’s legacy website from current Magento Open Source to Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Implemented Multi-site capabilities of Adobe Commerce for 3 countries - Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand.

Revamped the UI design in this new eCommerce solution for  an enhanced look & feel, consistent with Wine Connection’s brand image and themes.

Integrated with a third-party email marketing tool, Campaign Monitor to assist with tailored email marketing strategies. 

Implemented localized payment solutions that are popular in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia and Primer Payments for automated payment solutions.

Technology Stack

Frameworks & Tools

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