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Developing an OutSystems banking application for OCB to deliver better banking experiences

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“Developed an intuitive mobile application powered by OutSystems low-code platform for OCB’s customers to make their services more accessible and automated.”

Established in 1996, Orient Commercial Bank (OCB) boasts more than 200 business units spread across all regions and key economic centers across the country. OCB is an industry leader in Vietnam's financial services market, recognized by The State Bank as one of the first three banks to complete risk management items according to Basel II international standards by the end of 2018. 

As the pioneer in digital banking services, OCB is the first bank in Vietnam to offer integrated omnichannel banking services, providing seamless transaction experiences to end users across all channels and devices. As a result, OCB was recognized by the IMF as the Most Innovative Digital Bank Vietnam 2018 and the Best New Omni Channel Platform.

Website : https://www.ocb.com.vn/ 

Industry : Financial Services


As  a top-tier financial institution in Vietnam, Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OCB) wanted to achieve its digital transformation initiatives. For the same, OCB developed a B2B web application to deliver responsive solutions to its users. However, as the number of corporate customers employing on-the-go banking solutions increased, OCB wanted to further advance its finance transformation solutions and deliver a better digital experience via user-friendly mobile applications enabling its customers to conveniently access their account information and banking services anytime and anywhere. 

Through this innovative mobile application called OMNI Corp, OCB wanted to deliver seamless and intuitive banking experiences and enable its users to access a range of finance services, including account information, transfers, payments, and other financial management tools, all from the convenience of their mobile devices.


Following a comprehensive analysis of Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank's (OCB) requirements and goals, our team at OutSystems implemented the high-performance low-code platform of OutSystems to develop a robust enterprise-grade mobile banking application, OMNI Corp in an aggressive timeline. 

Post studying the project requirements meticulously, our certified OutSystems experts built a strategic roadmap for developing the low-code mobile app of OCB and integrated all critical functionalities such as transaction approval processes, account management, notifications, account deposits, account statements, multiple device management, multilingual support, and more. Our team also implemented high-end features like Face-ID and fingerprint features for enhanced user authentication and user data security. We also integrated Key Store plug-in to ensure the safe storage of sensitive user information such as usernames and passwords.

All in all, the OMNI Corp mobile application would serve as a unified solution to fulfill its corporate customers banking requirements. 

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​​To deliver a better digital experience to our corporate customers, OCB wanted to develop a mobile banking solution in an aggressive timeline. After carefully reviewing and evaluating multiple partners in the BFSI space, we collaborated with Ranosys for their experience in the finance transformation services and expertise in the leading low-code platform technology, OutSystems. Their team of experts understood the requirements meticulously and successfully developed a corporate low-code mobile banking app, OMNI Corp in a record time of 2 months. Their dedication, transparent approach throughout the project, and platform knowledge has satisfied all our key stakeholders and we are thrilled with the results.

The Results

By leveraging the low-code platform, OutSystems, our certified team successfully developed a mobile application for Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OCB), OMNI Corp in a record time of 2 months.  The innovative OCB mobile application made OCB's services more accessible and enhanced customer engagement. Built with a user-friendly interface, OCB mobile app fosters stronger customer relationships, boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty, and attracts new business clients. Post-development, our team provides ongoing support and assistance to ensure the superior performance, reliability, and security of the OCB mobile app, meet OCB's requirements and achieve its business goals.


Developed an intuitive high-performance low-code mobile application powered by OutSystems and other integrations in a record time of 2 months.

Integrated key authentication features like Face-ID & Fingerprint for better security and automated identification.

Provided important features such as the approval process of transactions, account management, notifications, account deposits, account statement, multiple device management, multilingual, etc.

 Key store plug-in integration allows the application to securely store sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords, on the device.

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