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Transformed AWWA’s therapist experiences with a digital application leveraging the Salesforce platform

Awwa Case Study Ranosys

“Drawing upon the immense experience of Ranosys, AWWA leverages a 360-degree holistic view of their therapists, including their details, current engagements, and activities via a portal built on top of the Salesforce platform.”

AWWA is a social service agency, which serves persons of different demographics, empowers the disadvantaged, identifies and fills the social gaps in the community. across life-stages yearly. Its strong foundation was laid in the 1970s by Mrs. Shakuntala Bhatia, who brought together like-minded women and led this movement in Singapore. Initially, their work consisted of general community welfare activities under the name, Asian Women’s Welfare Association. As their movement spread across the entire country, more and more caring volunteers joined them to empower the marginalized and socially-disadvantaged, and help them lead a productive and dignified life. 

Today, AWWA has grown into one of the largest multi-service social service agencies in Singapore  with an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status, offering services that include early intervention for pre-schoolers, education and disability support for children and adults with additional needs, assistance to low income families, caregivers, and health and social assistance for vulnerable seniors.

Website: https://www.awwa.org.sg/

Platform : Salesforce

Industry: Social Services

The Goal - AWWA
The Challenge


As one of the largest social service agencies, AWWA has joined hands with therapists to provide counseling sessions to their internal groups and external clients. It consists of a large group of therapists with varied specializations to help counsel members of the community looking for such solutions. However, AWWA lacked a centralized system that could organize and maintain all their therapists along with their professional and personal details, which made it tedious for them to track therapist sessions, assign to different internal or external programs, and view all the related information. As a result, they found it difficult to gain a holistic perspective about a therapist and how well can it service the community. To tackle all such challenges, AWWA wanted to create a portal that unified all their therapists on one platform.

The Goal


AWWA was looking for a portal to gain a consolidated view of their therapists and manage them accordingly. AWWA has a volunteer group of therapists that help with therapies and similar support to external agencies and internal groups as well. They were looking for a system where they could view all their volunteering therapists, their day-to-day activities, their job history, their therapy sessions schedule, years of experience, specialty and all such related details. They required this system to maintain all such details and provide a  single unified view of the therapists.

Responsive Design of AWWA Website

The Results

Our Ranosys experts developed a therapy system leveraging the competitive platform capabilities of Salesforce and empowered them to view, organize, manage, and update therapists and their activities. This holistic system helped therapists and the AWWA management to consolidate all their therapists on a single platform along with their personal information like the Staff ID, name, email ID, contact number, address, and years of experience. This customized portal was to also include professional details such as their designation, specialization, total working hours (per week), date of joining & leaving AWWA, employment type, AHPC registration number & practicing certificate, timesheet, ongoing sessions, availability for other programs, and more.

This allowed the AWWA management to browse at all the different sessions a particular therapist is undertaking and assign them to other internal or external projects based on their availability. Our team also incorporated modules to facilitate easy loaning, maintaining, and return of inventory required during the therapy sessions.

Our experts also integrated this system with

  • Qualtrics to allow for surveys and feedback regarding an AWWA therapist to be sent to external clients
  • S-Docs, set up with contract template to assist with document generation in the DOCX format
  • Adobe Sign for internal and external timesheet approval via e-signatures submitted by the therapists at month-end directly through the Salesforce platform

Customer Review


Best Salesforce implementation partner. Ranosys always think from client perspective and implement solution based on the client requirement, they have a long term vision, before propose any solution. They have a very good project management team, which is key for any project. They managed the timeline perfectly, so there is no delay in roll out.


Developed a customized Salesforce application for AWWA as a single source of truth to view, maintain, and track their therapists.

Integrated with Adobe Sign for timesheet approval as submitted by the therapists to internal management or external clients.

Integrated with S-Docs, an App Exchange plugin, to assist with document generation (for contracts between therapists and external agencies) and e-signature solution.

Technology Stack

Frameworks & Tools



Adobe Sign

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