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Accelerating ComfortDelGro’s digital transformation with OutSystems

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“Ranosys helped ComfortDelGro shift to digital operations in record-breaking time with a comprehensive portal backed by OutSystems’ modern capabilities”

One of the world’s largest land transport companies with a total fleet size of about 46,600 buses, taxis, and rental vehicles, ComfortDelGro is headquartered in Singapore with a strong international presence in China, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. 

Formed in 2003 through the merger of two land transport companies - Comfort Group and DelGro Corporation, it has grown its network significantly with a global identity and operations. At present, it boasts a global workforce of 24,329 employees and is currently on a mission to achieve complete digital transformation.

Website : www.comfortdelgro.com

Industry : Transportation & Logistics



As mentioned above, ComfortDelGro Bus has a fleet of over 46,000 vehicles including buses, taxis, and rental cars. Yet, the organization was dependent on a basic paper-based mechanism where it booked orders via phone and manual data entries. As a result, it started facing the following challenges -


  • Lack of coordination and communication between employees.
  • Absence of a centralised repository of information including booking details and customer information.
  • No proper mechanism to track bus bookings and completion of orders in real-time.
The Goal


ComfortDelGro Bus required a complete digital overhaul of its operations to streamline its internal functions and management. An easy-to-use digital portal would help in establishing clear lines of communication, enabling real-time monitoring of booking, and most importantly, providing a top-notch customer experience with a self-service portal. 

The Result

Ranosys built an online digital portal with OutSystems for ComfortDelGro Bus called ComfortConnect which digitized its operations in a few months. Here are a few key features of the digital solution that helped ComfortDelGro Bus move from a pen-and-paper mechanism to an online solution -

  • A digital solution with a user-friendly UI/UX that helps customers browse for available buses, book their buses/seats, and make their payments on their own.
  • Robust B2B functionalities that allow differential pricing for different categories of customers looking to book vehicles for their business.
  • A smart solution powered by OutSystems that allows real-time tracking of vehicles.
  • A unified portal that features all the services of ComfortDelGro Bus - booking an entire bus, booking a single seat, reserving a bus exclusively for an organisation, and even deploying cycles for fitness enthusiasts - on a single platform.
  • Similarly, different pricing for peak hours and distances covered by vehicles.


Ranosys was able to build ComfortConnect within a few months. Thanks to OutSystems, Ranosys was able to reduce 30-40% of the development time and resources.

The digital portal is easy to integrate with third-party technology and the existing internal systems of ComfortDelGro Bus. This has helped in its seamless integration into the organisational operations.

The implementation of this digital portal has resulted in better transparency, a higher level of customer satisfaction, and smooth management of the business.

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