Step into the future of digital commerce leveraging the agility and flexibility of commercetools

Osprey: Crafting next-gen MACH-led eCommerce experiences

Osprey ecommerce accelerator

Launch future-ready eCommerce stores in 6-8 weeks with commercetools

In today’s competitive ecosystem, customers need personalized eCommerce experiences and they need it now. Gone are those days when online merchants used to invest years perfecting their online stores only to suffer from evolved market preferences and customer expectations by the time they launched them. At Ranosys, we understand how imperative it is to inaugurate eCommerce stores fast and tailored to the exact needs of your customers and business. Osprey, a digital commerce accelerator, invokes the innovative power of commercetools, a leading MACH-based eCommerce platform also named as a leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce. From following a headless approach and empowering retailers to pick and choose the third-party services they need to using the ready-made building blocks of commerce to develop a digital infrastructure, Osprey does it all in 6-8 weeks.

Create personalized experiences per your customer’s needs with Osprey.

Osprey ecommerce accelerator

What is MACH architecture?

The MACH (Microservices, APIs, Cloud-Native and Headless) architecture gives merchants the freedom to choose agile technologies and build customized online experiences that accomplishes the one ultimate goal- customer satisfaction. The acronym, MACH, illustrates an underlying set of principles, all dedicated to delivering differentiated brand experiences.

  • Microservices are standalone applications/processes representing specific business functionalities, developed, deployed, and managed independently. 

  • APIs characterize different services, systems, technologies and functions. Merchants can use these APIs to invoke a specific feature or functionality instead of building it from scratch. Moreover, APIs form a communication line between decoupled frontend and backend systems in headless commerce. 

  • Cloud-Native leverages the full capabilities of the cloud, including hosting, scaling, and running applications using a SaaS model. It reduces infrastructure costs, and allows rapid scaling as per traffic demands. 

  • Headless represents a decoupled frontend and backend system, enabling communication through flexible APIs across touchpoints. It allows merchants the freedom to build a customized frontend for multiple breakpoints while maintaining a well-integrated backend with PIM, OMS, ERP, etc.

Why Osprey

Deliver impeccable experiences to the right customer, at the right time, across the right channel.

Reduced time-to-market

Packed with pre-built templates, designs and over 300 API endpoints, Osprey allows you the flexibility to create new blocks, iterate quickly, and scale-up without limits in weeks.

Minimal TCO

The headless, flexible API, microservices-led, cloud solution from Osprey reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) while delivering unrivalled performance, agility, and scalability.


Osprey allows you to choose and integrate your commerce solution with as many third-party and best-of-breed commerce services as you want without spending too much time on it.

CX Design

Implement design thinking in CX and make your move towards the experience-driven economy. Osprey allows you to design irresistible customer experiences that improve retention rates.

Smart Analytics

Put your data to good use with Osprey’s smart analytics dashboard. Gain insights about your customers, analyze their activity and use this intelligence to better your customer experiences.

High flexibility, low operating costs

Osprey empowers retailers to flexibly launch commerce stores, seamlessly add/delete services as per business needs within a cost-effective budget.

Experience the power of Osprey

Why commercetools

Reimagine eCommerce capabilities with a MACH-led landscape

Headless Architecture

commercetools' decoupled frontend and backend connected via APIs provides the freedom to personalize commerce stores up to the exact needs of the customers across multiple touchpoints.

Composable Commerce

Loaded with pre-designed templates and themes, commercetools empowers retailers with the flexibility to use pre-coded blocks to create, supplement, and scale their commerce architecture.

Best-of-breed capabilities

commercetools liberates merchants from the rigid vendor infrastructure by allowing them to pick, choose, and implement third-party services that are of utmost essential for business growth.

Mobile-first approach

Connect with on-the-go shoppers with a scalable and flexible mobile infrastructure that indulges them in almost-real shopping experiences. 

Unified global commerce

Easily develop dedicated storefronts that bridge the gap between online and offline shopping, tailored for specific regions and geographies with commercetools.

Limitless automation

Put most of your mundane tasks like inventory management, invoice management, etc., on autopilot and concentrate on the most important asset for your business- your customers.

Osprey covers 90% of B2B and B2C retail needs

Create inspiring shopping experiences across all breakpoints with Osprey, a commercetools-powered accelerator


Here’s what you get -

  • Key Osprey features
  • Embedded customer support
  • Payment gateway of your choice
  • Shipping providers integration
  • Analytics-empowered design
  • Optimized for B2B, B2C, D2C business verticals
  • Embedded Customer service support
  • Headless & API-led architecture
  • Multiple integrations with ERP, CMS, MarTech, shipping, etc
  • Multiple payment options: BNPL, COD, etc
  • Mobile-first solution
  • Cloud-based solution

Trusted by leading brands including fortune 500

We are proud to work with some of the most renowned brands in the world.


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