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Redefining the digital experiences for Victoria’s Secret with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Victoria's Secret Case Study Ranosys

“Employing Ranosys’ powerful Salesforce Commerce Cloud-led accelerator solution, Phoenix, Victoria’s Secret empowers its customers with engaging experiences across all intersection points for the Australian and Malaysian markets.”

The American-born lingerie, clothing and beauty retailer, Victoria’s Secret, is celebrated for inspiring women across geographies, transforming the way they shop, and driving a positive change for all women in the world. With over 1,070 stores, Victoria's Secret remained the largest lingerie retailer in the United States.

In the last 40+ years since its founding in 1977 by Roy and Gaye Raymond, Victoria’s Secret, led by the revolutionizing power of their products and experiences, has been actively advocating for women, their needs, and aspects that matter the most to them. Today, the brand is held synonymous with inspiration, confidence, comfort, and joy with which it empowers women around the world. 


Website: www.victoriassecretbeauty.com.my 

Platform : Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Industry : Retail & eCommerce, Clothing & Beauty


The goal
The Challenge


Although Victoria’s Secret already had an up-and-running digital retail platform for their Australian and Malaysian consumers, it lacked the extended capabilities and functionalities demanded by the consumers in today’s experience-driven economy. The absence of a customer-centric and personalized approach, well-knit integrations that boost platform productivity, and the ability to scale up and down as per user traffic led to unsatisfactory shopping experiences. 

In addition, the eCommerce platform didn’t offer the performance, security, agility, and resilience desired by the brand to stay competitive in the market and forge a stronger connection with its customers. Overall, this created a gap between the brand and their most important asset- their customers, which the brand needed to fill. 


The Goal


Victoria’s Secret needed their digital eCommerce solution rebuilt on a futuristic and agile eCommerce platform that can help them grow their relationships and revenue in a limited timeframe. Our goal was to develop an online retail solution for the Australian and Malaysian markets, as per their brand guidelines and themes, to offer refurbished localized experiences to their customers that helped them to virtually live the luxe feeling that the brand is usually associated with. 

Our experts, in Phase 1 of the project, designed a feature-driven eCommerce solution, from scratch, employing our innovative Salesforce Commerce Cloud-led accelerator solution, Phoenix, to fulfill most of their retail needs and invoke the potential of Salesforce Commerce Cloud for the rest. Moving further, during the Phase 2 of the project, our SFCC experts will implement a similar digital commerce solution for other global brand locations- Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.

The Results

A globally renowned luxury retailer like Victoria’s Secret needs a high-performing and brand-centric online solution. The Valiram Group, Southeast Asia’s leading retail specialist, including Victoria’s Secret, achieved tremendous brand-defining results after partnering with Ranosys’ digital commerce experts. Victoria’s Secret leverages the power of Salesforce Commerce Cloud to speedily fulfill customer expectations, consistently manage its market reputation, and drive growth of its thriving customer base. Today, Victoria’s Secret offers competitive digital experiences via its fast, easily adaptable, and scalable digital solution that places its customers at the heart of everything they do.


A redesigned eCommerce solution developed on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, keeping in mind the brand’s design theme, to deliver superior omnichannel experiences to all shoppers across the increasing number of touchpoints.

Integrated their current retail platform to the already existing Order Management System from Anchanto to enable full transparency and boost order processing and fulfillment.

To offer customers with seamless and effortless checkout experiences, Ranosys’ experts incorporated Adyen payment facility to the digital retail platform. In Phase 2, other competitive payment providers like AfterPay and eGHL along with e-gift card solutions like Qwikcilver are also integrated.

Integrated with popular geography-based shipping providers to facilitate quick shipping and timely delivery.

Technology stack

Frameworks & Tools

Salesforce Commerce Cloud



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