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Empowering seamless Pace payment integration with a custom SFCC cartridge

pace case study

“Drawing on Ranosys’ expertise of Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud SFRA cartridge development, Pace Now offers SFCC merchants an easy and seamless way to integrate Pace to their eCommerce stores without the need of rigorous development work and process payments using Pace’s Checkout API and widgets.”

Pace is a financial product service provider which offers the Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) payment options to merchants and customers. Pace splits purchases into 3 interest-free installments with no interest or hidden fees to be paid within the 60 days period. Integrated across eCommerce platforms such as Adobe Commerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, and OpenCart via plugins, Pace empowers shoppers to convert their purchases to installments charged automatically.

Website : https://pacenow.co/

Platform : Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Industry : Financial Services

the pace challenges
The Challenge

As a popular payment solution, especially amongst South-Asian audiences, Pace allows shoppers to choose its payment platform during checkout and pay for their purchases in three installments over a 60-day period. For the same, Pace enables partner merchants to quickly offer Pace Now to their eCommerce storefronts through various plugins developed for various eCommerce platforms. 

However, the absence of a similar ready-made Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) plugin solution for SFCC merchants meant they had to consume APIs to implement Pace payment solutions to their online storefronts. Therefore, Pace wanted to offer its Salesforce Commerce Cloud merchants an easy way to offer the payment solution to their customers through a Pace Payment SFRA cartridge without involving coding and development work. Moreover, the Pace team wanted this SFCC cartridge to allow merchants to process payments using Pace’s Checkout API and Pace widgets.


Our main goal was to develop a Salesforce B2C Commerce SFRA cartridge for integration with Pace to serve as an alternative payment option to credit cards. Moreover, as this cartridge’s functionality will be similar to features offered by other Pace plugins, it must be developed keeping the best practices, standards and conventions set by the Salesforce Developers Community.  Some functionalities, as defined by the Pace team included:  

- Allow merchants to switch between playground and production APIs and choose the interface of how Pace payment form is provided to the customers

- Manage Pace widgets and customize its properties

- Reinstate canceled orders on the merchant side when a Pace payment is successful

Responsive Design of Pace Website

The Result

Our certified Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud team developed the Pace payment cartridge keeping all the prerequisites and demanded functionalities in mind. Similar to other Pace plugins, this solution could be easily integrated with SFCC storefronts, allowing customers with the flexibility to complete their purchases and pay for them in installments. Moreover, our team also implemented the plugin in the latest stable SFRA version 6.0.


Development of the SFRA cartridge to be integrated with Pace and function as payment option and alternative to credit card

Implementation of the PACE payment cartridge on the latest SFRA version: 6.0

Technology Stack

Frameworks & Tools

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