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Elevating Healthcare Services with MIMS’ Clinical Information System

“MIMS assist physicians in managing their clinics with a comprehensive online clinical management system developed by Ranosys

MIMS is Asia-Pacific’s leading provider of trusted, quality medicine information and knowledge services to healthcare professionals in 13 countries in Asia Pacific. Approximately two million healthcare professionals subscribe to its drug & resource portal, digital and print publications.

Website : www.points.mims.com

Industry : Healthcare


MIMS aims to assist healthcare providers in managing the activities of their clinics through automation and a complete digital transformation.

Managing healthcare centres without sound technology can be complex and even fatal owing to the nature of the industry. With the number of patients and amount of information related to them, it becomes difficult to manage and streamline the prompt services with efficiency.

  • Presence of endless paperwork that increases ambiguity and delays tasks.
  • A higher risk of miscommunication, no coordination and human error in handling sensitive medical data.
  • More chances of security risk involved with medical information and adherence to regulations.



Development and deployment of a robust clinical information and management system to bring cohesiveness and alignment in the operations of healthcare facilities.

Ranosys extensively set up an onshore and offshore Agile development team to facilitate requirement gathering, development and enhancement of CIS. The team consisted of a senior full stack PHP developer. Ranosys is still working with MIMS to increase the productivity of Clinic Information System (CIS)

Key Features

Ranosys developed a CIS which transfomed the functioning and andling of healthcare issues wiht the following features -

  • Effective management of documentation and reports through tenant management and PatientMedical History Management.
  • Effective utilization of resources by tracking their time and allocation of duties using User/Staff management.
  • Simplified and quick front-desk activities using Encounter Management (Patients Visit, Prescription & Billing Management).
  • Amplified accuracy with the help of reliable drug information available with a click of a button.

The Result

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve at an accelerated rate, digital solutions such as MIMS CIS provide a one-stop portal for aligning every activity related to management of a helathcare facility or a professional. Here’s how it has helped -

    • Information related to the patients and the users are available at one place.
    • Routine activities have been automated which leads to more time spent on research, development and providing assistance and care to the patients.


    Ability to collect information of patients and health professionals in new ways.

    It features a comprehensive suite of modules that automates any part of the healthcare practice from front desk functions like registration and scheduling to patient electronic record management and billing.

    Technology Stack



    Front End

    Back End

    Process Tools




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