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Increase in Salesforce ROI for a global electronics and electrical manufacturer

"Ranosys is supporting a global technology manufacturer, who is empowering tech-innovation companies in R&D, with Salesforce automations and consultation."

Amphenol ICC, a division of Amphenol, a company with revenue more than USD 7 Billion, is a world leader providing interconnect solutions for the Information, Communications and Commercial electronics markets.

They place heavy emphasis on R&D for both new product and technology development, focusing on the advancement of the next generation of high-speed interconnects and power distribution solutions as well as innovative manufacturing solutions.

Their R&D centers worldwide have registered thousands of patents and licensing agreements.

Website : www.amphenol.com

Industry :



Amphenol ICC is mainly focusing on R&D for both new products and technology development. However it is important to identify the challenges faced by the organization as well.  Following are challenges faced by Amphenol ICC in their journey towards Salesforce Automations.

  • Time taking manual efforts to keep the multiple system up to date.
  • Customer service team had a long path to keep the customer and internal tickets in Salesforce.
  • Missing automations to optimize the human efforts and increase ROI on Salesforce.




The main goals of Amphenol was to 

  • Increase the ROI on Salesforce and adopt best practices for platform utilization.
  • Introduction of automation and workflows to shorten up the different customer service processes and optimize the efforts of the hard working team. 
  • Have a single source of truth for powerful analytics.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with auto-response email implementations.

Key Features

Secured APIs development for integration.

Sales pipeline customization.

Duplicate data management and handling.

Email-to-case setup for complex workflows.

Auto response rules setup to increase customer experience.

Enhancement in case management workflow.

The Result

Quality and effective customer service leads to improved customer satisfaction on the services and products provided by Amphenol ICC and ultimately leads to the success of the entire organization. Therefore with the integration of Salesforce with key systems Amphenol was able to achieve the following results.

    • Integration of Salesforce improved productivity of team.
    • Automated workflows, channelized and increased the focus of the customer service and sales team.
    • Overall increase on Salesforce ROI.
    • Email-to-case and Auto Response rules helped to increase the customer satisfaction.
    • Key decision making because of Salesforce as a single source of truth.


    Integration with Magento for Customers and Enquiry.

    Implementation of enhanced sales processes utilizing out-of-the-box sales cloud capabilities

    Automated workflows to minimize and channelize the team efforts

    Email-to-case implementation.

    Technology stack

    Cloud Services



    Other Frameworks / tools


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