Winston Churchill

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Ranosys is proud to undertake the Pledge 1%

Contribution is one of the six key human needs that is required for the spirit to be alive and happy. No amount of wealth, success or fame can fulfill that gap which gets created in absence of contribution or giving. And it stays true for any organisation too. To be able to achieve fulfillment and completeness, giving-back remains one of the key pillars.

Ranosys is honoured to take the Pledge 1% as a force for good in responding to Covid-19. As a Pledge 1% community, we shall now contribute and share 1% of our profit, time and products/ services to the society.


Covid-19 has brought many of us to a desperate, clueless and uncertain situation. One of the most unprecedented and unwanted times in human history witnessed thus far. The whole humankind stands one side, united, in the fight to be safe from this pandemic - physically, economically and emotionally. And while Covid has not yet ended, the panic and turmoil almost has.

The heroic stories of frontline warriors are endless, and so are the unfortunate tragedies but amidst all this, we, as the human race, have built the mental muscle to fight back and emerge. It has brought us to a common stage and understanding of what matters most. The new-normal has challenged so many of our (enough to be called) old beliefs at personal and corporate fronts.

As individuals, and an organisation, we stand no different and have been pressed hard by the situations too. A little more fortunate owing to the industry we are in, Ranosys witnessed the need and importance of contribution even more in these testing times. Having total alignment with our values and the larger vision, we gladly take this pledge 1% and are proud to stay associated with the pledge 1% community.

A meal to someone is not charity. Charity is sharing the meal with someone when you are just as hungry.



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