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Aligning Parkway’s digital transformation journey to transform healthcare industry

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Ranosys assisted Parkway Pantai by developing a web-based solution that streamlines communication and transactions for achieving better coordination between healthcare providers and patients”


Parkway Pantai is one of Asia’s largest integrated private healthcare groups operating in various countries, including Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Brunei, China, India, and Malaysia. With 40 years of relentless service, Parkway Pantai has established itself as the region’s leading brand in healthcare known for its world-class patient experience. Currently, it operates more than 15,000 licensed beds across 77 hospitals in 10 countries worldwide and is continually setting new benchmarks for medical excellence.

Industry : Healthcare

Parkway Health

Parkway Pantai continuously aims for bringing innovation and technological advancement to streamline medical services.

  • A lengthy process of retrieving patients’ record including their history, claims and other important documentation.
  • Complexity in carrying out tasks like revision appeals, submission of consultation documents and checking status of claims.
  • Absence of a system which brings together all the stakeholders like patients, healthcare providers and insurers at one place.



Achieving comprehensive digital transformation to embrace innovation for providing seamless medical services.

Ranosys took this endeavor to help Parkway Pantai revamp their operation processes with a complete digital overhaul by leveraging a sophisticated Specialist Portal Online System for bringing agility, user-friendliness and accuracy.

Key Features

The web-based Specialist Portal Online System allows users to:

  • To register the visit records for patients
  • To submit visit records along with the claims
  • To make fee revision appeals
  • To check status of claims or appeals


  • To check patient eligibility for a particular program
  • To submit the pre-admission forms
  • To view payment advice

The Result

High performance eCommerce site is the key to a successful journey. Below are the major results which Mothercare achieved after improving the overall performance of their eCommerce site.

    • Reduction of Cart Abandonment Rate which resulted in increased sales.
    • Mothercare was able to provide a seamless shopping experience to their loyal customers by improving the performance of the site as well as by handling the load in peak traffic times successfully.
    • High performance eCommerce site resulted in improved conversion rates.
    • The fine tuning of infrastructure (AWS) resulted in a huge reduction of infrastructure cost and it increased the net profit.


    A one-stop portal for all the stakeholders including patients, insurers, healthcare providers and Parkway Pantai representatives.

    A system that enables cashless solution which amplifies the treatment procedure with the help of corporate/shield cards.

    A unified platform for clinic users and insurers where they can claim for the services provided and review the insurance appeal request respectively.

    Technology Stack



    Process Tools

    Parkway Pantai
    Parkway Pantai
    Parkway Pantai


    Parkway Pantai
    Parkway Pantai
    Parkway Pantai
    Parkway Pantai
    Parkway Pantai
    Parkway Pantai
    Parkway Pantai
    Parkway Pantai

    Server Stack

    Parkway Pantai


    Parkway Pantai
    Parkway Pantai

    Application Type

    Parkway Pantai

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