Enabling the Oil & Gas industry to move forward by harnessing the power of latest IT innovations

Digital transformation services to reshape the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas services

Advanced technology solutions to boost productivity & drive growth

Ranosys, being one of the leading service providers in the Oil & Gas sector, helps organizations improve their operational efficiencies and digitize their entire value chain by delivering next-generation IT solutions and services. Our tailored solutions help you gain an edge to steer ahead of the competition, optimize your processes, boost productivity, and drive growth in a volatile environment. Our experts help Oil & Gas companies identify their core strengths and at the same time, streamline their processes to reinvent the way they do business.

Digitize oil & gas industry with innovative IT solutions

Advanced technology solutions to boost productivity & drive growth

Oil & Gas segments

Unlocking digital growth opportunities for all segments of the Oil & Gas industry


By employing its rich expertise, Ranosys transforms the upstream value chain and unlocks new business value.



Our robust midstream services help you mitigate key business risks by leveraging the latest digital capabilities.



Ranosys’ downstream digital offerings help operators, distributors and retailers generate new value and achieve growth.


Oil & Gas IT services

Maximizing operational efficiency with our offerings

  Oil and Gas IT Services

Web Development

Ranosys offers comprehensive web solutions to the Oil & Gas industry to help enhance the digital customer experience.

Mobility Solutions

Stay tuned with the ever-changing global markets and customer expectations with secure, scalable, and high-performing mobility solutions.

AI and Machine Learning

AI and ML solutions to enable Oil & Gas companies to enhance reservoir modelling and carry out preventive maintenance before the problem occurs.

Cloud Computing Services

With the rising demands of customers, we help you achieve your business goals by taking advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and other cloud capabilities.


Internet of Things (IoT)

End-to-end IoT solutions to help the Oil & Gas industry conduct real-time monitoring, optimize operations, and improve safety & security.


Legacy Modernization

With innovative migration strategies, we migrate and redevelop your legacy applications & architectures using proven delivery frameworks, tools, and solutions.

Our solutions

IT solutions to help the oil & gas industry gain competitive advantage

  • Drilling Operations Management
  • Integrated Asset Management
  • Integrated Refinery Information System
  • Loyalty Programs Management
  • Upstream Data Management
  • Energy Trading & Risk Management
  • Fleet Management
Oil and Gas Industry Solutions

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