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In today's rapid digital transformation, the most pressing challenge global organizations face is striking a balance between cost-efficiency and delivering high-quality software solutions within defined timelines. By partnering with an agency having offshore development centers, you can save on your IT spending and can get full operational control and greater visibility throughout the project. Ranosys is a leading software development company with a proven track record for cost-effective, transparent, and agile software delivery. As a dedicated offshore development center with experienced resources and several dedicated development centers in India, we can easily setup an ODC to fulfill all your digital transformation and product engineering initiatives. With 15+ years of cross-functional experience across industries, Ranosys’ ODC services provide you wider access to technical expertise as well as complete control over hired resources.

Augment enterprise’s capabilities with Ranosys as your offshore software development center.

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Why partner with an offshore software development company

Augment your team’s capabilities, deliver enterprise-grade solutions in record time, and reduce operational costs with Ranosys.

Established IT infrastructure

Established IT infrastructure

An offshore development center (ODC) provides you a dedicated office environment with modern IT infrastructure including reliable communication services, network systems, etc.

Access to the best talent

Access to the best talent

Prepare your criteria for educational background, domain knowledge, and relevant experience for your project. Select the resources that fit the bill.

Reduced time-to-market

Reduced time-to-market

Achieve a 24*7 work cycle working with an offshore software development company and get faster turnaround and reduced time to market for your enterprise apps or software.

Complete control over team

Complete control over team

Switch roles or increase or decrease the offshore team capacity according to the changing requirements of your project as per the flexible engagement plans.

Quick return on investment

Quick return on investment

Choose the offshore software development services model that best fits your project requirements, get quality deliverables at reduced cost, and generate quick ROI.

Focus on core processes

Focus on core processes

Delegate some of your projects to the offshore software development company and save time and resources to focus on more value-adding and critical tasks.

Why choose Ranosys as your offshore software development center?

  • Tailor every aspect of your implementation, from user interface to backend functionality
  • 15+ of strategic expertise across digital commerce, digital transformation & product engineering
  • Award-winning partnerships with Adobe, Salesforce, OutSystems, Microsoft & other leading tools
  • A well-equipped, state-of-the-art, and efficiently managed infrastructure
  • VPN connectivity for accessing private networks effectively and securely
  • Certified Project Managers to ensure efficient execution, timely delivery & risk management
  • Skilled with complex implementations, legacy migration, and customization requirements. 
  • Provision for data backup, recovery and IP protection
  • Collaborative workspace with a well-connected ICT infrastructure 
  • Flexible engagement models with a quick onboarding process
  • A team of 400+ seasoned engineers with strategic expertise in multiple verticals

We align our success with our clients' success

Our client-centric approach delivers client satisfaction consistently.


Industries we serve with our ODC services

Agile practices followed by our offshore development centers

  • Two-way communication with clients using video/audio conferencing systems
  • Daily standups/Scrum/Sprint planning and demos of mid & end sprints
  • Joint retrospective with clients
  • Regular progress tracking using project management tools
  • CI/CD approach maintain software quality and accelerate development
  • Test-driven development to thoroughly test features and functionalities 
  • Automated deployment pipelines to reduce the risk of errors
  • Periodic assessment of technology stacks 
  • Effective risk management protocols in place to ensure project success
  • Adaptive planning to new requirements and priorities 
  • Daily code reviews and refactoring 
  • Cross-functional teams to accelerate problem-solving
Agile practices of Offshore development center

Process of launching an ODC project with Ranosys

Process of launching an ODC project with Ranosys
  1. Choose Ranosys as your vendor, discuss your project needs & we connect you with the right talent and infrastructure
  2. Reframe and set up your organizational structure and assign tasks & responsibilities to your new offshore team
  3. Establish seamless communication between Your pn-site and offshore teams to ensure a clear understanding of expectations and tasks
  4. Determine your ODC security measures, who can access a particular part of the project 
  5. Select your project methodology, set up project management & tracking tools, establish deadlines & milestones to easily manage development process
  6. Implement a process for regular progress reviews and reporting between your on-site and offshore teams to track progress

Platforms we leverage for our ODC services

Embark business innovation with modern, enterprise-grade and low-code driven web and mobile apps.

Accelerate your digital transformation initiatives with world’s #1 CRM platform & its suite of multi-cloud solutions.

Leverage the full potential of Adobe Experience Cloud applications with our offshore development center services. 

Leverage the scalability, security, and high-performance of Java to build modern, enterprise-grade software solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose Ranosys as your trusted offshore development center?

When looking to develop new enterprise-grade solutions, optimize existing operations, or scale up your team’s capabilities, Ranosys can help accomplish all your business use cases while maintaining your development costs. Some immediate advantages of partnering with Ranosys as your offshore software development company include established IT infrastructure, time-saving hiring, focus on core business competencies, access to best talent, reduced time-to-market , complete control over the offshore team, and quick ROI.

What is the process of launching an offshore software development project with Ranosys?

We follow these steps when being onboarded as an (ODC) offshore development center while ensuring adaptable engagement. 

1. Project planning and scope definition
2. Team selection and onboarding
3. Offshore software development and iterative testing
4. Deployment and launch
5. Ongoing maintenance and support

What agile practices a dedicated offshore software development center must follow?

Leading offshore software development services follow the following agile practices such as two-way communication with clients using video/audio conferencing systems, daily standups, scrum, sprint planning, joint retrospective with clients, demos of Mid and end sprints, and regular progress tracking using project management tools.

Who can benefit from offshore software development services?

Throughout our 14+ years of experience, Ranosys has assisted enterprises of across maturity levels with its software development outsourcing, on-demand team augmentation, and dedicated resources for hire solutions. That said, offshore software development services are for:

- Startups looking to launch their products to the market faster at a lower TCO
- Mid to established enterprises looking to expand their offerings across industries 
- IT companies looking to boost their development efficiency and reduce their operational costs

What is an offshore development center (ODC)?

An offshore development center (ODC) is a dedicated facility or team located in a different country or geographical region than the enterprise’s location. An offshore development center serves as an extension of the enterprise’s in-house development team or as a dedicated custom software development outsourcing partner, providing access to a pool of skilled professionals and specialized resources for software development, testing, and other related services.

What is the difference between a nearshore and offshore software development center?

An offshore development center is located in a geographically distant country and may operate in different time zones. On the other hand, a nearshore development center is located in countries geographically close to the client’s location or even in the same time zone. To access a diverse talent pool and reduce IT spending, it is advised to look for trusted and reliable offshore software development service providers.

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