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Yammer Integration

Boost social collaboration with Yammer in 4 weeks

Introduce your team to social commerce with a pre-built tool.

Give your work culture a boost by integrating online social collaboration in your communication with Ranosys Yammer Integration Plan. We present to you a ready-to-use tool with world-class features to help your team share, collaborate and bond online. With our pre-built specifications, you can kickstart your social journey within a matter of a few weeks! With our head office in Singapore, we have 8 offices globally in the USA, UK,Middle East and APAC regions.

Embrace online community building with our feature-rich Yammer integration tool

Why Yammer integration

Amplify your team’s social quotient and collaboration techniques

Team Communication

Empower your team with interactive features like GIFs, videos and emoticons to infuse quality communication.


Get the best out of your team’s potential by enabling uninterrupted collaboration and social recognition.

Knowledge Sharing

Enable knowledge sharing practices with features like group resource sharing, taking and editing notes.

Employee Onboarding

Help your new team members fit in the work culture with social listening and a strong community.

Company Culture

Introduce a culture of  strong network, support and knowledge sharing to help your team grow.

Employee Engagement

Encourage your employees through mindful conversations & success celebrations on the social channel. 

Why Ranosys Yammer integration accelerator plan

A feature-rich, pre-built and easy-to-integrate tool.

Access Yammer application with existing SharePoint pages.

Participate in Yammer polls and surveys from SharePoint pages.

Start your journey to better collaboration in less than a month.


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Our client-centric approach delivers client satisfaction consistently.


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