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Maximize marketing ROI with Adobe Analytics Marketo integration

Leverage the combined power of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Marketo to gain a complete view of web analytics reporting and campaign management together with Ranosys, a 3X award-winning Adobe Experience Cloud Gold Partner with extensive experience in Marketo Adobe Analytics integration services. If you currently employ the powerful tools from AEC, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Marketo, integrating them will help enterprises with comprehensive customer insights, set segment audiences based on certain standards, improve lead scoring models based on user activities, closed-loop reporting, automation and more. With our team of certified Marketo consultants and Adobe Analytics experts, we facilitate a seamless integration of the two platforms, other Adobe Experience Cloud tools, and external systems. 

Streamline marketing efforts with Marketo Adobe Analytics integration.

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Adobe Analytics Marketo Integration Key Features

No Code Integration

Seamlessly integrate all events and actions from Marketo (form fills, clicks on emails/landing pages, and visits to Marketo pages) to Adobe Analytics with Ranosys.

Real-time Data Flow

Determine how often and when you wish to share and sync data between Adobe Analytics and Adobe Marketo, depending on your business requirements and preferences. 

Bi-Directional Connectors

We employ Adobe-certified integration tools and connectors to facilitate a seamless, secure, and bi-directional data movement between Adobe Analytics and Adobe Marketo.

Multi-Instance Integration

Create a holistic view of your customers and accounts by connecting multiple marketing automation platforms to your Adobe Analytics instance with our integration experts.

Enhanced Web Analytics

Enrich your web analytics dashboard with organization & industry data, customized RTP segments, and named account lists with Marketo Adobe Analytics integration services.

Improved B2B Data

By integrating Marketo & Adobe Analytics, marketers leverage enriched B2B data to gain actionable insights about visitors and further optimize content, re-targeting strategies, and more.

Make the most of Adobe Marketo and Adobe Analytics

Effective RTP Campaigns

Measure the effectiveness of your real-time personalization (RTP) Adobe Marketo campaigns by leveraging data-driven insights from Adobe Analytics and optimize strategies, content, and outbound campaigns.

Closed-loop Reporting

Marketo and Adobe Analytics integration allows you to track the entire user journey, from first visit to conversion. Marketers can measure the effectiveness of campaigns, channels & strategies and optimize accordingly.

Personalized Marketing

By leveraging insights from Adobe Analytics, marketers improve audience segmentation to include user behavior,  interactions & more. It results in targeted and personalized marketing campaigns for varied segments.

Accurate ROI

An integrated Adobe Marketo and Analytics system results in an accurate calculation of ROI. Marketers can attribute revenue and conversions to specific marketing activities, demonstrating its impact and effectiveness.

Data Consistency

Maintain data consistency across both platforms with Adobe Analytics Marketo integration. Eliminate discrepancies that might arise due to mismatched data and ensure that decisions are based on real-time insights.

Better ABM Insights

Generate tailored reports focused on the named accounts with a robust Account-based Marketing module setup in Market to gain a deeper understanding of your target audience & supercharge your marketing efforts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect Adobe Analytics to Marketo?

Marketo Adobe Analytics integration involves setup steps to be executed across both platforms. Although it is a simple process, it does require the assistance of certified Adobe Marketo and Analytics experts to audit both systems and then suggest the best integration approach. Contact us if you want to connect Adobe Analytics with your Marketo instance.

Does Marketo have Analytics?

Yes, Adobe Marketo does include a dashboard for Analytics (for marketing) that provides valuable data across every touchpoint in a user’s journey. Marketo Analytics includes visual reporting tools to identify your best performing assets, campaigns, etc.

What can Marketo integrate with?

Marketo can be integrated with several AEC platforms and external tools such as  CRM, CMS, advertising platforms, eCommerce stores, webinar & event management tools, customer data platforms (CDP), analytics & reporting tools, forms, live chat, identity management tools, social media analytics platforms, and more. To know more about our Marketo integration services.

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