Headless Falcon: Redefine customer experiences with a powerful headless storefront

Headless Falcon

Launch online retail stores in 4-6 weeks with the lowest TCO

The future belongs to those who place their customer’s interests at the core of their business solutions. However iIn a traditional eCommerce model, extending innovative experiences require updates in both frontend and backend systems, making even simple modifications a cumbersome task. However, with Falcon PWA's pre-built templates and integrations  you can accelerate speed-to-market and cash-flow and reduce total cost of ownership by building separate frontend and backend systems. Leveraging the powerful Magento PWA Studio, Falcon PWA enables seamless integration with the backend system and third-party tools to offer native-like experiences on any network and across mobiles, tablets, and desktops. Coupled with scalable commerce APIs, developer efficiency tools, a React-based mobile-first solution, you can launch feature-rich PAW eStores and innovate at the speed of your customers with minimal deployment risks.

Deep-dive into what Falcon PWA has to offer.

Headless Falcon Attributes

Why Falcon PWA?

An Adobe Commerce eCommerce accelerator that lets you embrace customer and business changes like never before.

Headless Commerce

Falcon PWA gives businesses the freedom to choose and quickly build frontend storefronts the way they want, offer personalized brand experiences, and build a seamless connection with customers across emerging touchpoints.

Magento PWA Studio

Employing our Progressive Web App (PWA) kit, brands can now speedily launch mobile-first storefronts leveraging the powerful React.js open-source framework, customized as per the brand theme guidelines and diverse needs.

Faster time-to-market

With pre-configured themes and templates that prevent you starting from scratch, brands can quickly develop headless storefronts in days and weeks that are easily deployable and automatically scale up during peak traffic times.

Lower TCO

Instead of investing in complex infrastructures and paying hosting fees, brands can now build a customer-first headless storefront on a fully-managed and feature-rich platform with 99.99% uptime and trustworthy agility and scalability.

Multiple Integrations

Regardless of the platform you want to integrate your Falcon PWA solution with, ERP, CMS, OMS, marketing systems, and more, we can help you do so with several third-party platforms within no time and at the lowest cost.

Smart Analytics

Pitch the right content, products, and services to the right customer at the right time across the right channel and device with smart analytics. Gain a unified view of your customers and all their actions to offer the best digital experiences.

Explore what Falcon PWA can do for your business

Falcon PWA leverages the powerful Magento PWA Studio

With the number of mobile shoppers increasingly at a breakneck pace, it has become imperative for brands to offer seamless on-the-go shopping experiences across device configurations. The Magento Progressive web apps (PWA) Studio redefines mCommerce by delivering speedy, personalized, and app-like browsing experiences. It employs performance optimized and responsive designs to load content fast on any network and across every device- desktops, tablets, and smartphones. With improved conversion rates, reduced development costs, and enhanced search rankings, retailers can easily triumph over mobile shoppers with quickly optimized and deployed progressive web apps with Falcon PWA.

Magento PWA Studio

Why Magento PWA Studio?

Build feature-driven, optimized, and mobile-first online stores with Magento PWA Studio.

Native app experiences

Offer app-like experiences across devices with customized features & push notifications.

Native app experiences

Reduced development costs

Reduce spending by using a suite of pre-configured and open-standard tools & libraries.

Reduced development costs

Work offline

Empower mobile shoppers with PWAs accessible with limited or no connectivity using cached data.

Work offline

Faster UI/UX navigation

Build fast, stable, scalable and secure native applications that are easy to navigate & maintain.

Faster UI/UX navigation

Employ readymade themes

Develop PWAs using the available pre-built themes customizable as per the needs.

Employ readymade themes

Secure & trusted infrastructure

Employ the resilient framework of Magento PWA Studio backed by rigorous testing & support.

Secure & trusted infrastructure

 Craft Next-Gen Shopping Experiences With Falcon PWA.

Falcon PWA accelerator: The key features

With Falcon PWA, you can create customized frontends for different storefronts in days and weeks.

Falcon PWA

Here’s what you get -

  • Key Falcon features
  • Embedded customer support
  • Payment gateway of your choice
  • Shipping providers integration
  • Magento Progressive Web App (PWA) Studio
  • Multiple integrations with third-party systems
  • React.js based customer-first frontends
  • SDKs, APIs, microservices, and dev tools
  • Mobile-first solution
  • AI-powered eCommerce personalization
  • Headless framework
  • Embedded customer support

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