Adobe Experience Manager and OutSystems integration

Adobe Experience Manager and OutSystems integration

Integrate OutSystems and AEM to deliver efficient digital experiences

For today’s software businesses, launching products/services that deliver engaging digital experiences with accelerated time-to-market and streamlined content delivery across channels is critical. Employing Adobe Experience Manager for content management and OutSystems for backend development together is how enterprises can deliver a cohesive and efficient digital transaction experience. As an award-winning Adobe and OutSystems Partner, we possess the expertise to effectively navigate the complexities of integrating OutSystems and Adobe Experience Manager. With 200+ certified Adobe and OutSystems developers & MVPs with 180K+ hours of integration expertise, Ranosys has assisted several enterprises in synergizing their efforts around rapid application development and delivering dynamic content experiences across touchpoints.

Seamlessly integrate Adobe AEM and OutSystems with Ranosys.

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Why integrate Adobe Experience Manager and OutSystems?

Rapid Application Development

OutSystems' low-code platform accelerates application development, while integration with AEM allows developers to easily incorporate AEM-managed content into their applications, accelerating development process.

Data-Driven Insights

Adobe Analytics configuration to AEM enables the linking of data and content together, empowering enterprises to gain deep insights into user behavior and engagement via real-time dashboards and reporting systems.

Efficient Marketing Automation

The OutSystems AEM integration facilitates collaboration b/w marketing and development teams. AEM includes marketing automation, seamlessly integrated with OutSystems to exchange data & automate workflows.

Personalized Services

Adobe Real-time CDP is known for collecting, aggregating, and managing citizen data from various sources. OutSystems can leverage this data to develop web portals and apps that deliver personalized services in real-time.

Seamless API Integrations

Enterprises, to enhance their OutSystems app’s capabilities, employ APIs designed to expose the functionality. AEM can consume these APIs to incorporate the functionality to its webpages or mobile apps, delivering real-time solutions. 

Improved Digital Experiences

AEM’s robust content management capabilities, when integrated with OutSystems' rapid application development for backend, allows businesses to create and deliver dynamic experiences across web and mobile apps.


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