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"An electronics revolution organization that is empowering tech-innovation companies in R&D. Ranosys supports Amphenol in this process with automations and adoption consultancy."

Amphenol ICC, a division of Amphenol, is a world leader providing interconnect solutions for the Information, Communications and Commercial electronics markets.

They place heavy emphasis on R&D for both new product and technology development, focusing on the advancement of the next generation of high-speed interconnects and power distribution solutions as well as innovative manufacturing solutions.

Their R&D centers worldwide have registered thousands of patents and licensing agreements.

Industry : Retail & eCommerce


Amphenol ICC mainly focuses on R&D for both new products and technology development. However, it is important to identify the challenges faced by the organization. Following are challenges faced by Amphenol ICC in their journey towards technological advancement.

  • Data among systems were synced manually and resulted in data discrepancies.
  • Customer service was dropping the quality since customer tickets were managed via emails without a proper system.
  • Lack of usage of Salesforce automation as well as integration with other key systems.
  • This can be considered a waste of resources.

The main goal of Amphenol was to improve the customer service and to get the systems integrated with Salesforce to make it a single source of truth and to eliminate data discrepancies.

Key Features

Secured APIs development for integration.
Sales pipeline set up
Duplicate data management and handling.
Email-to-case setup for complex requirement
Auto Response Rules Setup
Enhancement in case management

The Result

Quality and effective customer service leads to improved customer satisfaction on the services and products provided by Amphenol ICC and ultimately leads to the success of the entire organization. Therefore, with the integration of Salesforce with other systems, Amphenol was able to achieve the following results.
  • Integration of Salesforce improved customer ticketing and resulted in improvement of customer service.
  • Reduced data discrepancies due to integration of Salesforce with other systems.
  • Improved employee productivity due to less manual activities.


Integration with Magento for Customers and Enquiry
Implementation of standard Out-of-the box processes for Sales Cloud
Adoption of Sales Cloud to support organizations operations
Continuous automation implementation

Technology Stack

Cloud Services
Other Frameworks / tools
visual studio
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