Why are Salesforce managed services the need of the hour?

Why are Salesforce managed services the need of the hour?

Salesforce is one of the most powerful and adaptable business platforms available today. From customer relationship management, digital commerce, to marketing, sales, customer service, analytics, and more, Salesforce has a solution for full-suite organizational needs. However, frequent upgrades, new features, and even the initial transition of utilizing Salesforce can be difficult for enterprise owners. If not properly supported and maintained, implementing Salesforce can become challenging, often resulting in the under-utilization of the Salesforce licenses.

Therefore to leverage Salesforce to its fullest potential, many organizations have adopted a range of Salesforce management and maintenance approaches, including hiring a full-time administrator, outsourcing to an IT company when an issue develops, and depending on their in-house IT professionals.

However, as more businesses seek to be more proactive and strategic in orchestrating their customer experience, it makes sense to connect with trusted Salesforce partners and explore everything enterprises can achieve with its platform. As a result, Salesforce managed services have become a more attractive solution for many businesses.

What are managed services?

To understand what Salesforce managed services include, it is imperative to first walk through the terminology of managed services. It is the process of hiring a team or a vendor to assist with the day-to-day management of your IT environment. It enables a company to onboard a highly skilled team of consultants and specialists that operate as an extension of their in-house team.

What is Salesforce managed services?

Salesforce managed services are a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective methodology of managing, supporting, and expanding the capabilities of your Salesforce investment. This allows you to focus on key competencies with a team of specialists handling maintenance, upgrades, and constructing new blocks to accommodate new business processes and invoke new functionalities.

This approach helps you to implement new functionalities and features of the Salesforce platform, regularly upgrade your versions as per updates, and make changes across several clouds without relying too much on your in-house Salesforce capabilities and technical skills.

What is included in Salesforce managed services?

Salesforce managed services comprise of end-to-end solutions to implement and maintain the platform. Here are some of the solutions offered as a part of our Salesforce managed services, which help your business to thrive:

What is Included in Salesforce managed services

#1. Bespoke consultation, strategy, and roadmap formation

As a leading Salesforce consulting partner, we help enterprises to zero-in the right Salesforce features for their business. We first analyze your operations to evaluate the issues that can be solved by Salesforce. Once we know how Salesforce can help your business, we develop a Salesforce customization roadmap and engage a tech team for development, deployment challenges, upgrades, migrations, and maintenance. Overall, our goal is to help you increase business productivity and maximize the platform’s output.

#2. Seamless implementation of Salesforce core clouds and other systems

The biggest USP of Salesforce is its ability to customize and adapt as per the specific business needs. Whatever goals you wish to accomplish, Salesforce has the right solution for you and because you can tailor it for your enterprise, it functions as an innate part of your business operations. Our Salesforce implementation services include almost everything required to start with the Salesforce, its core clouds, and other systems, including consultation, migration, customization, development, and deployment.

When deploying Salesforce, it is usually better to hire an MSP rather than rely on the platform’s admin resources. MSPs help to reduce implementation costs, have a team to manage business requirements, and are agile in risk management.

#3. Migrating your legacy enterprise system to Salesforce

With our Salesforce migration services, we help you move your legacy data to Salesforce or between two or more Salesforce instances without losing or compromising on data quality. Our managed service providers (MSPs) manage the deadlines, tools/add-ins/apps, data model, data cleansing, security, compliances, data integrity, business continuity, and other variables to ensure successful data migration.

#4. Constant optimization of Salesforce solutions

Optimization is mandatory to continuously enjoy the full benefits of your Salesforce setup. Our Salesforce experts help you optimize things at the technical, functional, and process levels to help you continue enjoying the benefits of your Salesforce investment. We augment core solutions like Sales CloudService CloudCustomer 360Commerce CloudMarketing Cloud, and other tools.

Along with uncomplicated workflows, our Salesforce managed services increase collaborative productivity, resulting in maximum ROI. Our Salesforce experts regularly analyze any new needs and changes based on the latest developments , releases from Salesforce, or additions to the IT stack.

#5. Secure integrations with Salesforce clouds, systems and third-party tools

One of the primary reasons why enterprise systems lack in their digital capabilities is a lack of seamless integration with leading tools. Salesforce allows businesses to integrate apps and services they already use or wish to use seamlessly and easily. With our certified Salesforce experts, we help you integrate core Salesforce clouds, Salesforce tools, and third-party applications for enhanced performance, productivity, and collaboration.

#6. Regular upgradation

This feature allows you to enhance Salesforce functionality via installing custom add-ons, upgrading packages, and other methods. Upgrading the platform ensures that your business is taking advantage of the current industry trends and connecting it with Salesforce for improved performance.

#7. Support and evolution

Your Salesforce solution could have continuous support. By improving workflows, our Salesforce managed services help you save time on the daily administration routine. Furthermore, we take care of proactive updates of your Salesforce solution to enhance the proper usage of your investment. Similarly, users are trained on both standard and custom functionalities to ensure that the company gets the most out of Salesforce.

#8. Extensive customization of all your Salesforce tools

Invoking the capabilities of Salesforce managed service, we offer a plethora of customization choices for your organization, ranging from apps, campaigns, reports, and email templates to workflows, dashboards, and more.

#9. Data management and analytics

Each team’s and business’s data management requirements are unique. Our Salesforce managed services consultants will assist you in establishing your information architecture and streamlining your data flows as needed.

The different use cases of Salesforce and how core clouds help

In times of uncertainty and cut-throat competition, it has become critical for enterprises to focus on intelligent, efficient, and flexible solutions that fulfills market trends and change in consumer expectations. With Salesforce managed services, enterprises save time and money while automating their operations and letting their workforce focus on intelligent solutions.

As a part of our Salesforce managed services, we help you leverage the following cloud solutions.

#1: Salesforce Customer 360 platform as a single source of truth

While Salesforce must only be one part of your enterprise system, you can leverage its Customer 360 platform to develop a single source of truth for all your operations. With Customer 360 implementation as a part of Salesforce managed services, you can connect your data across sales, service, marketing, commerce, personalize every interaction, and drive significant business growth.

#2: Salesforce Service Cloud to drive improved customer engagement

With Service Cloud’s Contact Center solution, enterprises can deliver proactive and personalized customer services across channels at scale. This improves agent productivity and efficiency by unifying conversations across channels. The Service Catalog feature provides enterprises to automate service requests, saving considerable agent time and energy. Flow Automation automates lifecycles of incident management and customer onboarding.

#3: Salesforce Sales Cloud to unlock extensive opportunities

Sales teams can improve the success rate of their lead to order with the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Sales Cloud centralizes all your customer information, logs their conversations with a company representative, and automates mundane tasks so that you can focus on converting more leads to clients. Akin to order Salesforce platforms, Sales Cloud is easy-to-use and highly customizable, your salespeople can efficiently use the platform.

#4: Salesforce Marketing Cloud to drive marketing ROI

With the personalization and automation attributes of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, marketers can grow their pipelines and reduce the cost of related strategies. They can even share segments with the Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) to deliver omnichannel experiences across video, email, and mobile.

#5:Commerce Cloud to improve online shopping experiences

The composable storefront of Commerce Cloud allows merchants to practice a headless approach and offer connected shopping experiences quickly across devices and channels. Moreover, Commerce Cloud ensures the complete security and scalability of your online site. Its Store Associate feature bridges the gap between physical and online shopping, helps associates in translating insights to meaningful experiences, keeps track of inventory levels, and turns your storefront into a fulfillment center.

#6: Salesforce Mulesoft integration to connect internal and external systems

With Salesforce Mulesoft, you can practically integrate Salesforce clouds and tools with any third-party system and applications. Salesforce administrators can enable pre-build connectivity in Salesforce and Mulesoft developers can maintain them in Anypoint platform, reducing the total implementation and integration time from months to days.

The Salesforce managed services benefits for your enterprise

Salesforce managed services saves you from the costs and hassles of recruiting in-house staff and delivers many other benefits. The entire idea of opting for Salesforce managed services is to help enterprises make the most of their Salesforce licenses and fulfill business use cases with its tools and systems. Here are a few benefits of Salesforce managed services.

Salesforce managed services benefits
  • Cost-effective: The cost of hiring a skilled Salesforce consultant is a financial burden on a company. Organizations can control their business costs with the help of Salesforce managed services.
  • Fills skill gap: Companies all over the world have stated that finding a suitable talent who will fit the company’s requirements at the correct pricing has become extremely difficult. Salesforce managed services bridges this knowledge gap cost-effectively.
  • Continuous updates: Without regular system updates, the system will become vulnerable to major security issues. Fortunately, Salesforce managed services assures businesses of safety and security of your enterprise solutions with frequent updates.
  • Proactive solution: Previously, most companies had no clear idea of managing critical system procedures, making business management risky. Salesforce managed services safeguards technical investments by increasing operational efficiency and resolving configuration issues.
  • Scalability: When a company expands its operations, its vision and goals must evolve to meet market demands. Organizations do not need to re-open the employment search for a new post with the managed service package. They only need to update the contract with the existing Salesforce Service operator to ensure a smooth maintenance procedure.

Why choose Ranosys for Salesforce managed services ?

If your organization wishes to leverage the right potential of the Salesforce platform, then managed services are the solution for you. As a trusted Salesforce partner, our Salesforce managed services provide ongoing Salesforce expertise to assist you in managing and maximizing your Salesforce platform to adapt faster and capture more business value.

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