Salesforce Commerce Cloud 101: Our experts answer all FAQs

salesforce commerce cloud

Salesforce commerce cloud is known to be one of the leading digital commerce platforms
to have emerged in the last decade.

Powered by the world’s leader in cloud technology, it brings the unmatched capabilities of Salesforce to the eCommerce arena.If you are looking to launch your online business, SFCC can shape your eCommerce solution exactly the way you had imagined. Be it B2B or B2C commerce, its functionalities can be customized to suit
businesses of any scale or industry.But before you make a final decision regarding this, we would like you to check out the following FAQs so that you have a clear picture of SFCC’s features and benefitsLet’s begin with the basics first – 

What is Salesforce commerce cloud?

In 2016, the overall global eCommerce sales were 1.84 trillion USD and they were poised to show steady growth in the coming years.

That is when Salesforce decided to take a plunge into the eCommerce sector and acquired Demandware and modified it as SFCC – a unique digital commerce platform that creates a seamless unified commerce experience for the customers and simplifies eCommerce operation to assist the backend team.

What companies/brands use SFCC?

SFCC has gained a lot of popularity over the years and a lot of renowned brands use it
for their online stores. Some of them are UniqloBenettonPUMA, Bare Essentials, and American Red Cross.

Is SFCC for B2B or B2C businesses?

We have good news for you – SFCC comprises two products meant for both B2B and B2C businesses. Salesforce understands that every business has unique needs and a generic platform might not be able to cater to them specifically.

So, it created a separate eCommerce platform for each. Find out more about them in our next sections

What is Salesforce B2C commerce cloud?

Curated specifically for B2C business, Salesforce B2C commerce cloud enriches online shopping experiences with a rich set of capabilities that find users on every step of their journey and help merchants manage their online retail stores effectively.

With its mobile-first design, you can reduce abandoned cart rates, optimise your sales funnel, create an intelligent shopping experience, launch and create promotional campaigns, and boost organic traffic on your online B2C retail store.

What is Salesforce B2B commerce cloud?

Tailored for the needs of B2B buyers, Salesforce B2B commerce cloud combines the ease of online shopping with the sophistication of B2B business dynamics.

What makes it different from the B2C cloud is the fact that its features are built exclusively to support B2B businesses. From automatic reordering of replacement parts, custom catalogs, contract pricing, and process automation, Salesforce B2B commerce cloud simplest the complexity of B2B commerce.

What are the main Salesforce commerce cloud features?

salesforce commerce cloud features

Here’s a quick look at some of the differentiating features that SFCC has to offer

  • One of the main features of SFCC is Commerce cloud digital – a functionality that helps in designing mobile-first online shopping experiences and integrate social media channels. This feature helps in building a cohesive mobile-friendly eCommerce solution.
  • Storefront Reference Architecture accelerates the development of eCommerce solutions with prebuilt storefront designs, fully-functional homepages, product pages, checkouts, and shopping carts. 
  • SFCC also offers omnichannel order management that automates the entire order fulfillment lifecycle. It also provides an accurate picture of multi-site inventory at one single portal. 
  • SFCC cloud empowers businesses to sell their products online direct to consumers. It also has solutions built specifically for different industries. 
  • SFCC empowers online merchants with Einstein AI – a tool backed by the power of artificial intelligence and machine language that assist in CX personalization, deep insights, and build headless commerce.

What are the main Salesforce Commerce Cloud benefits?

Salesforce commerce cloud implementation can transform your online business. Let us tell
you how – 

  • It is built on the world’s leading cloud platform and streamlines your business with a single source of truth.
  • It makes multichannel selling simpler with features like multi-stores, catalogs, localized SE, and search settings handled on a single admin
  • Did you know that 57% of internet users admit that they won’t recommend mobile-friendly businesses?  This is where SFCC helps  – It enables mobile-first design and ensures that your eCommerce is responsive.
  • If you plan on entering the online fashion and apparel industry, then you should look no further than SFCC. It empowers merchants with advanced visual merchandising tools, simplified catalog management, and the ability to launch advanced promotional campaigns. 

Want to learn about Salesforce Commerce Cloud in detail?

How do I begin Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation?

Launching your online store with a SFCC is quick and simple. Yet, it requires the expertise of professionals who can leverage its capabilities and customize it perfectly to your needs. 

Have questions about Salesforce implementation?

What about SFCC pricing?

This depends entirely on your requirement and the level of customization needed for your business. Any queries regarding the process of its implementation or how much does SFCC cost should be directed to
our experts here

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