How Salesforce Einstein leads to eCommerce personalization

Salesforce Einstein eCommerce personalized experiences

Salesforce Einstein has proven to be one of the most beneficial AI-powered tools in recent times. As a part of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, it has empowered many eCommerce retailers with intelligent insights and hyper-personalization. 

Thus, in this blog, we explore its implementation and impact on creating a personal shopping experience for your customers across the board. 

What is Salesforce Einstein?

As part of the Salesforce 2017 spring release, Einstein is Salesforce’s homegrown AI tool available with its core cloud products. It uses predictive analytics, natural language processing(NLP), and machine learning to extract actionable insights from data. 

According to Salesforce, Einstein stands apart from other tools because of these features –

    • It’s a data-ready model that doesn’t require any prior data preparation.
    • It comprises the power of automated machine learning that fits every unique business model on its own.
    • Einstein is production-ready, which means that it comes embedded with your chosen Salesforce product. As a result, you don’t have to worry about hiring heavy-duty AI scientists. 

Salesforce can transform every aspect of your


From the time it was released, Salesforce Einstein’s implementation has transformed the business of its users’ with the amalgamation of deep learning and AI-powered analytics into their business.

Naturally, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is no different. 

Combined with the power of AI and deep analytics, it has introduced eCommerce personalization and personal shopping experiences across its client base. 

In fact, it has gone ahead and simplified the implementation of AI into commerce with ease.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at how Salesforce Einstein has reinvented the way Salesforce eCommerce works.  

Creating personalised shopping experiences with Salesforce Einstein

Stonewall Kitchen is a well-known specialty food company in the United States. In addition to its strong network of 10 retail stores and over 6,000 wholesale accounts in 42 countries, it also has a flourishing eCommerce business. 

As a result of including Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Einstein in its global eCommerce strategy, it has also delivered a consistent, personalised experience to its customers. 

In fact, its exclusive data suggests that 78% of shoppers added the personally recommended items to their cart, and 41% of them purchased them.

In other words, Salesforce Einstein implementation, along with Commerce Cloud, can turn around digital commerce experiences with AI-powered strategies.  

Let’s find out how you can implement them into your business. 

Introduce hyper-personalization with Salesforce Einstein product recommendation

Don’t we all love the way our Netflix account seems like a projection of our personalities? Every recommended show is from the exact genres we enjoy. 

Moreover, even the search bar seems to know what shows we might be looking for!

This is the power of AI and personalised journeys. With Einstein’s product recommendation, you can introduce the same level of personalization to your site visitors. 

Salesforce Einstein ensures that all your site visitors encounter a personalised customer experience – be it a guest or a signed-in user. 

Furthermore, it collects customer data through order histories and live customer clickstream to only offer those product suggestions that a customer is more likely to buy. 

In addition to it, your merchandisers, too, end up saving time by eliminating the need for manual merchandising of every individual page. 

Let your customer find their desired products quicker with Einstein predictive sort

Amazon is a treasure trove of all kinds of products. And, it always understands what you’re looking for even if you’ve typed it out wrong. 

What we don’t realize, however, is that it is also a classic example of how AI-backed predictive sorting can boost conversion and revenue. 

When you don’t have to dig for your desired products, you end up purchasing them quicker than ever. 

Thankfully, Salesforce Einstein empowers Commerce Cloud merchants to embed similar mechanisms in their business. 

With Einstein’s predictive sort, you can stop the guessing game and enable customers to find what they want at a faster speed. 

Fun fact: Einstein predictive sort is known to have resulted in 3.8X conversion and 9.1X revenue.

Make data-driven merchandising decisions with Salesforce Einstein commerce insights

Online eCommerce can not sustain on a hit-and-trial basis. After a point, your team needs to determine what products are selling and what categories need an overhaul. 

While figuring this out manually may take weeks or months, Einstein commerce insights can make it simple and AI-powered. 

More importantly, it empowers merchandisers to deep dive into the purchasing behaviour of customers with easy visual tools and an intuitive dashboard.

Consequently, it helps in better planning of merchandising activities; your team would know what product is popular, what can be put under “co-product” categories to promote cross-selling, etc. 

In fact, this knowledge also helps in enhancing the online shopping experience with targeted recommendations and relevant suggestions. 

Improve products each with Einstein Search Dictionaries and Search Recommendation

So, your online clothing store is ready, and you’ve put in all your efforts to enhance the user experience. Except one of your visitors wants to check out a “fuchsia” dress, and your algorithm doesn’t understand it. 

Enter Einstein Search Dictionaries – this AI-enabled tool will look onto the entire web, add “fuchsia” as a synonym for “pink,” and help customers reach their desired product. 

Similarly, Einstein Search Recommendation leverages machine learning to enable a type-ahead search mechanism based on users’ past behaviour. Furthermore, it also takes care of trending searches, phrase suggestions, and personalised searches.

Wield the power of Salesforce Einstein to boost eCommerce sales

In the last few years, eCommerce personalization has become a synonym for attention in the online industry. 

Your customers want to be seen, heard, and cared for. Above all, they want to be the center of your universe. 

And, what’s fun is that you can make it happen for each of them with the help of AI and ML. 

However, many online retailers shy away from incorporating these technologies because of the heavy tech involved. 

Salesforce Einstein, on the contrary, entirely does away with manual integration and complex coding. 

Moreover, it comes embedded with the fabric of every Salesforce product – including Commerce Cloud. You don’t need an expert or a specialized team; Salesforce Commerce Cloud can turn your customer data into AI-backed insights in no time. 

So, if you have been looking for ways to include AI in your eCommerce business, we recommend Commerce Cloud infused with the power of Salesforce Einstein.

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