6 reasons to power your global eCommerce strategy with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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So, you’ve had a successful local eCommerce store with positive ROIs, agreeable sales, and yearly increasing revenue figures. Only now, you’re thinking of international business expansion, catching the global glimpse, trying to capture the global consumer attention now that you have mesmerized the local audiences, and grab a large chunk of the 6.54 trillion US dollars of global eCommerce revenues as projected by Statista.

So, here you are now. Thinking of launching your international eCommerce stores into new markets and territories, confused whether you should stick with your traditional eCommerce platform or look for a better one that helps you throughout your international business expansion plan. Undoubtedly, global eCommerce is  a significant step for any local retail store, considering that global eCommerce sales will achieve $5 trillion by 2022 and international retail sales will show an increase of  21.8% by 2024.

However, to go global, you need to have a robust and future scaled international business expansion strategy and the right global eCommerce platform to assist you every step of the way. And we have just the right platform you can trust to commence your global eCommerce journey- Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Built with internalization in mind, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) supports enterprise retailers of all sizes and genres. It is the platform that helps you achieve a global eCommerce enterprise distinction.

In this blog, we discuss how Salesforce Commerce Cloud features and capabilities are a perfect choice for your international eCommerce store and how it supports your international business expansion goals.

Reason #1: A platform built with international eCommerce in mind

When you’re brainstorming a business plan for international expansion to your store beyond the local borders of your home country, you need an global eCommerce platform that keeps up with the extra pressure. SFCC or Salesforce Commerce Cloud has been developed to support your international eCommerce needs.

Employing Salesforce Commerce Cloud features, you can seamlessly launch, manage, and maintain multiple storefronts from a single platform tailored to multiple time zones, locations, regions, cultures, and languages. SFCC allows  easy implementation and launch of multiple global stores catered to specific target markets with a centralized management so that as your company grows, you can swiftly and quickly introduce new international eCommerce transactions methods to audiences around the world.

With SFCC, you can easily and speedily build personalized eCommerce customer experiences, organized via region, currency, language, state, or city, catering to every specific audience group you are targeting. It stands true to your international eCommerce goals, doesn’t slow down your international business expansion strategies, quickly adapts and scales without batting an eye.

Reason #2: Global eCommerce stores with localized experiences

When planning to go global, language becomes the most critical consideration. Market research shows that most customers don’t like buying from global eCommerce sites that aren’t in their language or don’t offer popular payment methods in their region. Other reasons include addresses in different formats and complicated eCommerce checkout experiences.

SFCC addresses all those issues. Salesforce Commerce Cloud features allows merchants to customize their storefronts in multiple languages, active payment methods and currencies, and optimal content to deliver impeccable localized eCommerce consumer experiences to each and every customer. With SFCC’s centralized management, merchants can easily and quickly handle customer orders and queries like product availability, billing, pricing, region-based discounts, shopper-based offers, etc.

To better online multi-store eCommerce platform experiences, SFCC empowers merchants to deploy local marketing messages and promotions, behavior and region-specific content, custom price lists, multiple priced books to define price tags in different currencies for a product.

Reason #3: Localized payment methods to improve eCommerce checkout experiences

When expanding your online business to various geographies and regions, implementing local payment solutions with location-specific tax tariffs to your global eCommerce site will play a critical role in swifty gaining entrance to a new customer base. For example, consumers in Singapore prefer Stripe for international eCommerce transactions, while Malaysian shoppers want iPay88 as a payment option. The more you offer payment choices popular in a region, the higher is your eCommerce conversion rate and the lower is your cart abandonment rate.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud natively supports region-based payment, currency, and tax plug-ins from leading providers. It makes it easy for international business expansion merchants to quickly launch online storefronts with relevant payment solutions in the location. Customers can pay in their local currency via their preferred payment method and tax will be calculated and deducted automatically based on the tax rules in the region.

Achieve more with international eCommerce

A checklist that assists through your global eCommerce expansion.

Reason #4: International eCommerce with a mobile-first approach

Did you know, in 2019, 67.2% of global eCommerce sales came from mobile devices, equivalent to 2.32 trillion dollars in revenue? And this number keeps on growing. The truth is, if you want to become a popular international eCommerce business, you need to also become a mobile-first brand. Mobile eCommerce sales outpacing traditional desktop sales is a secret to none. Therefore, your international business expansion strategy must always include mobile-friendly websites with responsive designs.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is one of the platforms that prioritizes mobile-first experiences. It’s responsive mobile-optimized interfaces quickly adapts to multiple screen sizes. Using Salesforce Reference Architecture in the SFCC platform, merchants can easily launch mobile sites along with branded mobile apps, optimized for eCommerce consumer experiences across all mobile devices and sizes in a shorter time frame. Other Salesforce Commerce Cloud features for mobile eCommerce include push notifications, location-relevant offers, optimized checkout flow, auto-completion and one-touch payment solutions.

Reason #5: AI-based customer insights to deliver personalized experiences

When expanding into a new region, merchants find it difficult to know their target market’s needs, wants, preferences and buying behavior. To understand your new customers during this global eCommerce expansion, you need a smart system that studies all the real-time customer data to help you create shopping solutions on an individual level. And SFCC’s AI-based predictive intelligence platform, Einstein AI, helps achieve this feat.

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Einstein baked into its multi-store eCommerce platform, merchants can deliver more one-on-one shopping experiences across multiple platforms, product recommendations, content and smart search results tailored to every customer. In addition, SFCC Einstein AI automates manual tasks, gathers massive data about shoppers to deliver actionable insights, allows retailers to add new product synonyms of related items on the websites, eventually improving eCommerce sales and eCommerce conversion rates, and decreasing cart abandonment rates.

Reason #6: Continuous and comprehensive customer support

As a product of the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce, Commerce Cloud is known for its consistent 24/7 customer support. If there is ever a hiccup in your SFCC platform like purchasing issues, coding errors, or interface problems, SFCC’s expansive team and resource library are there offering prompt services, day in and out.

Moreover, with the right Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation Partner like us assisting with your global eCommerce goals, merchants don’t have to worry about any error or maintenance issues, since our experts will be there to guide and assist you throughout the way. Our Salesforce eCommerce accelerators, Phoenix and Harrier can even launch your international eCommerce sites within 4-6 weeks.

Supercharge your International eCommerce efforts with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Undoubtedly, in today’s increasingly competitive market, it is tedious to explore the right global eCommerce platform for your business. Of course, there is no one size fits all approach to it. What works best for you may not necessarily fit the requirements of others. However, when it comes to finding the right fit for your international eCommerce goals, Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps you accomplish almost everything. From assisting with international business expansion strategy to adopting a mobile-first approach, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) fulfills all your core requirements.

And, if you need help determining how Salesforce Commerce Cloud can help supercharge your global eCommerce efforts, our experts can help. We have more than 13 years of experience in helping  brands find the right international eCommerce platform for their online operations at the right budget. Ranosys is a leading Salesforce Implementation Partner with 150+ certified architects and engineers and XX launched SFCC sites.

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