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The world is changing faster than ever before, and brands must quickly adapt to thrive in the new normal. With shorter customer attention spans and competitors being just a click away, retailers must boost their digital capabilities throughout the B2C, D2C, and B2B models and integrate them with their omnichannel customer experience proposition.

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The pandemic popularized several digital commerce platforms that help secure their store’s future and fulfill customer expectations simultaneously. However, do brands really have the privilege to wait several months or years before they can deploy their alternative sales channels? How to start an eCommerce store in a limited time frame and budget?

Moving ahead in the curve, retailers must know a few things about the current digital commerce market dynamics: 

  • To begin with, the digital future is not tomorrow; it’s today. The pandemic accelerated eCommerce’s value proposition by as much as 5-7 years. Retailers can no longer delay launching alternative sales channels to boost sales and recover revenue losses. They need to do it right now. And the sooner brands understand the power of digital sales, the earlier they will relish growth in sales, revenue, and customers. 
  • In addition, with digital in trend and probably the most important sales channel for brands right now, physical stores might experience a decline in active consumers, sales, and profits but will never cease to exist. That means retailers need to repurpose their physical and digital stores together and practice omnichannel marketing. 
  • Furthermore, customer data is a very powerful weapon for eCommerce brands. Taking note of consumer demands, their interests, preferences, and other insights will serve as a goldmine for brands. The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to segment your customer base, the simpler it will be to identify who your customers are, what they want, need, and what they are expecting from you as a brand.

With the value of digital accelerated, brands need a faster solution to step into the digital ecosystem, launch a transactional eCommerce site within weeks, and develop a clear roadmap to evolve the digital experience after they go live. And that ultimate answer to all your digital woes is Falcon- an Magento eCommerce (Adobe Commerce) accelerator.

How to start an eCommerce store? Reinventing the wheel with Falcon

So, how to start an eCommerce store? Typically, launching an online store takes several months and runs +36% over budget. Perhaps brands and retailers had that luxury in time duration and budget spent in structuring their digital channel. However, since the pandemic, they need an eCommerce store rich with commerce capabilities now. 

magento accelerator

Falcon eCommerce accelerator is a quick to implement eCommerce solution that gets your B2C and D2C business running online in a record time of 4 weeks. Built from the ground up on Magento eCommerce (Adobe Commerce), Falcon eCommerce accelerator gives the flexibility to make strategic decisions about features, automation, and time allowing you to see ROIs and traffic in a short time. Falcon reduces the cost to launch an online store by 50%. The accelerator has been designed keeping the current trends, feature requirements, and customer demands in mind. This expertly crafted storefront places your customers at the center of your business and ensures their satisfaction at launch and for years to come.

With Falcon’s tailored and enhanced commerce capabilities, you can now deploy complete feature-rich eCommerce solutions which have been tested, optimized, and proven to deliver superior user experiences without building them from scratch. In addition, the Falcon eCommerce accelerator solution has been developed keeping your brand’s future in mind and can be easily scaled and extended to match any and all business requirements, ensuring consistent growth of your eCommerce channels.

An exclusive blueprint to eCommerce accelerators

Why and how eCommerce accelerators are the need of the hour?

Launch your online store in as little as 4 weeks with Falcon eCommerce accelerator

Drawing upon an extensive experience of delivering eCommerce sites for some of the world’s most iconic and ambitious brands, Ranosys has built an accelerated solution to get your digital retail business up and running in no time.

The pandemic has resulted in a massive gap between what customers want and what brands deliver. This accelerator has been fabricated for brands looking to address this digital commerce gap with a solution that can launch your Magento eCommerce store to the market at a lightning-fast speed, get fit enough to respond to market changes, and further enhance their existing digital offerings. 

magento ecommerce
  • A retail-ready and reduced time-to-value digital solution: – Pre-built integrations, localisations and industry standard features reduces development time and allows businesses to fastrack their route to the market.
  • Quick and low cost of deployment: Most integrations are pre-configured and the code is pre-built, making launching sites online faster, simpler, customizable, feature-rich and more cost-effective. 
  • Optimized and tested: The accelerator has been optimized for SEO and higher conversions. Moreover, it has already been tested across multiple touchpoints and devices. 
  • A personalized offering: While some retailers think launching an online store via an eCommerce accelerator is a compromise, it certainly isn’t the case. If anything, Falcon eCommerce accelerator speeds up your brand’s journey to the digital ecosystem, achieves 80% and more of your retail needs with its pre-built features, and can be easily customized for your remaining requirements. 
  • Limitless eCommerce functionalities: Take advantage of the ERP system, CMS, Marketing platform, order management, inventory management, customer management, multiple payment gateways, etc. and never lose or miss an eCommerce functionality. 
  • Flexible and easily scalable: Designed to grow and expand with your business. Your Magento eCommerce store can be customized, developed, and extended after launch to suit your business growth plans, customer preferences, and market needs.
  • Mobile-first: Building responsive Magento eCommerce storefronts optimized for superior mobile shopping experiences. 
  • Localized experiences: Attend to the needs of your globally-situated customer base and offer localized experiences always. From changing website tone as per the language requirements of a particular geography to changing product prices as per the region’s duties, taxes, and tariffs- Falcon eCommerce accelerator does it all. 
  • Embedded Customer Support: Empowering marketers with customer insight dashboards for automated research regarding customer behaviors to prioritize future investments. 
  • Easy product launch: Release tens of thousands of products online frequently with a single click.
  • Smart and Insightful: Falcon eCommerce accelerator offers features like AI-powered  product recommendations, live product search, and more to boost customer loyalty and adapt your eCommerce solution to the latest trends.
  • A scalable solution: Built with the world-class functionalities of Magento eCommerce and over a decade long experience of our experts, Falcon eCommerce accelerator delivers enterprise-level scalability as per your growing needs and market demands.


Create shopping experiences that your customers love: The Falcon Way

While there are other eCommerce accelerators in the market, several distinguishing features place Falcon eCommerce accelerator at the forefront. Apart from its cost-effectiveness and rich commerce capabilities, Falcon possesses several vital components that narrate its prominence in the market. In addition to all the above features, Falcon eCommerce accelerator allows brands to leverage the rich properties of Magento eCommerce (Adobe Commerce), which addresses not just the present needs but the future demands as well.

Mobile-first approach:

There are a staggering number of 5.27 billion mobile phone users worldwide. In fact,  in 2019, 67.2% of global eCommerce sales came from mobile devices, which is equivalent to 2.32 trillion dollars. And, this number keeps growing, much accelerated by the pandemic and expected to reach 72.9% of total retail eCommerce worldwide. Due to the increasing number of smartphone users, more and more of us opt for on-the-go shopping solutions, a whopping half of the internet traffic comes from mobile-based shopping to be exact. And that’s why, when brainstorming how to start an eCommerce store, don’t forget mobile commerce.

Falcon eCommerce accelerator is a mobile-first solution, meaning the eCommerce websites are designed for smartphones first and easily scaled up for use on desktops and laptops too. Developers can easily design Magento eCommerce stores by writing the webpages in mobile-first CSS and mobile-first HTML coding languages. This empowers eCommerce sites with functional and impressive mobile sites that offer customer-friendly personalized browsing experience and payment solutions for every customer.

Localized payment solutions:

Cross-border eCommerce is an intriguing try for retailers and merchants. In fact, a significant number of cross-border payments are undertaken by online shoppers. With 4.2 billion eCommerce users browsing eCommerce stores by 2023, retailers and merchants have the perfect timing to truly sell to a global consumer base. And a big part of serving global consumers is offering them localized and preferred payment solutions. If your eCommerce business expands through various geographies and regions, implementing local payments can play a critical role in gaining access to the entire population. The more the payment choices available, the higher is eCommerce conversion rate and the lower is your cart abandonment rate.

Falcon eCommerce accelerator comes embedded with region-specific payment solutions for customers belonging to different geographies. For example, if you have customers shopping in Singapore, Falcon offers Stripe as a local payment option, iPay88 for shoppers in Malaysia and Xendit & Midtrans in Indonesia. Falcon seamlessly integrates every preferred payment option popular in a region to an Magento eCommerce store. In turn, Falcon eCommerce accelerator reduces cart abandonment rates, caters to a wide consumer base, improves customer payment and checkout experience, and elevates brand loyalty.

Customer Service Support

When it comes to how to start an eCommerce store with amazing customer shopping experiences, a significant portion of it must be invested in offering consistent customer service. Suppose, you are looking for a sweater that caught your eye the other day, but you can’t find it. So, you wonder if they are out of stock or not available in your sizes. Since this is all happening on an eCommerce store and not a physical outlet, having no live chat option will not only cost you that sale but also that customer and subsequent ones that they might have referred to your store. It is where live chat can help you retain the customer interested. And that is why we’ve integrated live chat into Falcon eCommerce accelerator.

With a live chat tool in Falcon, your operations/marketing team can interact with shoppers, fulfill their requirements, answer their queries, help them find their preferred products, or update in case they are out of stock. Its endless benefits include saving time in browsing through different products, attending to customer needs promptly, keeping customers engaged, collecting valuable insights about customers’ behaviors, and humanizing your Magento eCommerce store. Ultimately, Falcon eCommerce accelerator improves a customer’s shopping experience tremendously.

Seamless integrations:

The eCommerce accelerator allows for several third-party integrations, including ERP, CRM, martech solutions, and shipping providers (depending on a consumer’s geography). This is tailored for specific business goals and workflows, the perfect solution on how to start an eCommerce store and run it successfully.


Leverage the rich features of Magento eCommerce (Adobe Commerce) in Falcon

Built on the Magento eCommerce (Adobe Commerce) platform, Falcon eCommerce accelerator leverages its several features while fulfilling your goals on how to start an eCommerce store. These include:

Personalised Content to Boost conversions

Take advantage of Adobe Sensei that fuels a collection of algorithms that automatically analyzes shopper behaviors to give them personalized experiences for product recommendation. Adobe live Search creates rich search experiences to help shoppers quickly find what they want and what they didn’t know they needed.

Drive Customer Loyalty:

The reward points in Magento eCommerce allows retailers to drive customer loyalty and engagement. Points and gift cards can be rewarded to customers based on their shopping activities and transaction rates. Developers can set configurations to manage the points allotment, balance, and expiry feature. Moreover, customers can redeem the reward points in their purchases (as per the customer’s currency), boosting conversion rate.

Managed cloud experience:

When thinking on how to start an eCommerce store, give thought to the type of cloud support you want. With Magento eCommerce (Adobe Commerce) Cloud’s fully-managed cloud version of the Magento eCommerce platform, B2B and B2C brands can focus on business growth and marketing without worrying on managing their eCommerce infrastructure. Magento eCommerce Cloud is PCI compliant and comes bundled with built-in security and performance monitoring tools.

Advanced CMS capabilities:

Employing the drag-and-drop functionalities of Magento eCommerce platform, you can flexibly create, design, and launch rich new product pages. With several in-built features and components, developers can populate their pages with sliders, images, blog posts, videos, contact forms, carousels, and more. You can automate promotional landing pages using content staging and preview features.

Intuitive admin interface

With Magento eCommerce platform’s intuitive and touch-friendly admin interface, business users can operate at ease with less dependency on IT support. Ultimately, this speeds up the Magento eCommerce store optimization process, content delivery, and customer satisfaction.

Promotions, merchandising and marketing

Falcon eCommerce accelerator offers an impressive suite of marketing tools that allow brands to fulfill consumer demands and deploy personalized shopping experiences. The eCommerce accelerator comes with its promotion engines, advertising campaigns, recommendation engines, email marketing, event-triggered emails, and personalized messages with targeted content per user.

Smooth & Faster integration with ERP / CRM / WMS

Several merchants have integrated Magento eCommerce platform with a variety of ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, SAP, Oracle, Infor, Epicor, Sage, and more leveraging robust, well-documented Magento APIs and new support for GraphQL.

Falcon eCommerce accelerator addresses the digital commerce gap between brands and their customers

We’re ushering towards a challenging time, one that prioritizes product experiences over product qualities. Since the pandemic, customers have become more careful about their purchases and brand associations. Even for brands with a solid physical presence, if you’re not giving in to the digital revolution or thinking on how to start an eCommerce store, you’re not just losing sales or revenue; you lose the most valuable asset for your business- your customers. As brands try to adjust to this ‘new normal ‘, they’ll require solutions that accelerate their digital launch and get their eCommerce stores up and running in no time.

Falcon eCommerce accelerator enables you to launch a transactional digital commerce site within 4 weeks. With Falcon, you meet your business goals rapidly and deliver to your customers what they have been looking for in a cost-effective way. With Falcon, you bridge the gap between your brand and your customers and deliver personalized shopping experiences consistently. Address your customers’ and brand’s unique demands and challenges with Falcon eCommerce accelerator and conquer the unknown future.

Your online store with Falcon is just 4 weeks away.



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