Holiday Season 101: 10 brilliant eCommerce marketing tips to boost sales!

10 eCommerce marketing strategies to win this holiday season

The holiday eCommerce sale season is upon us. And the air is already palpable with excitement, fervor, and of course, promotional holiday eCommerce strategies. For e-retail websites, this is arguably the most important time of the year. The customers are willing to make purchases and have probably started to browse for their favorite products already. Needless to say, your retail website, too, needs prepping up to attract, manage, and convert excited shoppers. And this is where holiday eCommerce marketing tips come in handy. 

At present, there are approximately 12 to 24 million online stores in the world. And, all of them have similar goals as yours - to get the most out of eCommerce peak times during holiday sales. The competition is tough but the battle can be simplified with proper assessment, ecommerce holiday planning, and mindful execution of the right holiday eCommerce marketing ideas. 

In this blog, we will discuss ways to get your business ready for the upcoming eCommerce holiday season, suggest holiday eCommerce marketing tips to garner maximum revenue, and provide actionable insights to engage your customers. So, without wasting any more time, let the holiday marketing ideas 2023 begin. 

What are the big eCommerce holidays?

The big eCommerce holidays include well-known events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year's. These holidays are typically associated with significant spikes in online shopping and offer opportunities for retailers to maximize their sales.

4 A’s of a fool-proof holiday ecommerce sale plan for the season

Assess market trends, eCommerce website traffic, and competitors’ holiday eCommerce strategies to understand what worked for you and what didn’t.Keep a close watch on customers’ preferences, experts’ opinions, and forecasts predicting what will sell and what won’t.Double-check your inventory, validate the UX of your online store, and align your teams to put their game face on for the eCommerce peak times.Reinvent your holiday ecommerce marketing ideas, promotional strategies, design fresh eCommerce holiday marketing campaign ideas, and reach your customers where they are.

Want to improve your eCommerce site performance during peak times?

Are you ready for the holidays?

Holiday season is the busiest time of the year for all eCommerce brands. With customers looking for gifting options, one-day deliveries, customizations, etc., it's imperative to follow a fool-proof plan that analyzes the demand, anticipates the traffic this holiday season, assembles their products and inventories based on the forecasted demands, and attracts customers with fresh holiday marketing ideas and campaigns. We have a few resources that can help you get ready for the holiday season. 

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Holiday checklist for eCommerce site and UX optimization

We are sure that you’re already working on eCommerce site optimization to offer the best possible experience to the shoppers. As you already know, these metrics form an important part of your eCommerce infrastructure and their performance directly impacts conversion rate and customer engagement.

To give you a head start, here’s a quick holiday ecommerce website checklist of what you should be broadly looking at when optimizing your eCommerce site and CX for the upcoming holiday season: 

  • Is your eCommerce site fast enough? Use tools like GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights to check it.
  • Is your eCommerce site mobile-optimized? 
  • If you’re a global retailer, do you have localized stores?
  • Is your return policy customer-friendly?
  • Is it easy to navigate through your eCommerce site?
  • Do you use authentic product pictures in different angles and lighting?
  • Does the product description include every essential detail?
  • Is your checkout process complex and cumbersome?
  • Do you allow reviews on your site?
  • Is the search bar visible on every page? Is it AI-powered to understand synonyms and auto-suggest products?

With these 10 questions answered honestly, you would have more clarity about where your CX needs tweaks. And, if you’re looking for a comprehensive holiday checklist to support your eCommerce optimization and UX reinvention process, we’ve got that covered too!

85 steps to optimizing your eCommerce sites for peak traffic!

eCommerce marketing tips for record-breaking sales this holiday season

During the eCommerce holiday season, it’s important for brands to stay updated with current trends and deliver relevant content that suits the target audience. If you’re thinking about ‘How to get more eCommerce sales during the holidays?’, here are someeCommerce marketing tips to help you get the most out of this eCommerce holiday sales and boost sales.

#1: Build an exclusive landing page

Early bird catches the worm - this proverb couldn’t have been more ideal than in this situation. In addition to catching customers’ fancy before anybody else, our first holiday eCommerce tip is to develop a holiday landing page that also aids your SEO efforts. Any marketer worth her salt would tell you that SEO is a gold mine that needs time to produce results. Then, why not start before the schedule? 

#2: Deep dive into customer journey

Gone are the days when you formulated holiday eCommerce strategies to let customers find your eCommerce business. You need to trace their customer journey and reach them where they are. If there’s a landing page that is responsible for most of your visitors and conversion maybe you should reinvent it as a pillar page. Try internal linking, cross-selling, and pop-up ads.

#3: Personalize the experience for every segment

Your online store gets all kinds of footfall. All holiday eCommerce marketing ideas are about enticing infrequent visitors, offering your loyal customers a special discount and create a personalized experience for them. So, use first names sparingly, localized ads, offers based on spending behavior to create unique online experiences.

#4: Go big on videos

Today’s consumers do not believe anything one-dimensional or static; so, if you haven’t incorporated videos to your holiday eCommerce strategy yet, the time is right now. According to a report, videos attract 300% more organic traffic and leads. Moreover, making videos a part of your holiday eCommerce marketing strategy is fairly simple.

#5: Optimize your checkout page

Nobody likes complicated checkout processes, especially during the holiday season. All you need to do is keep what’s necessary, including secure payment mechanisms, have clear navigation, make the “back” button visible, enable order preview, and allow guest checkout. And, if you need to have a detailed look, we have a resource to help simplify the checkout process, reduce product returns, and boost eCommerce sales!

#6: Embrace unified commerce

With the increase in the number of shopping channels, the complexity of the customer journey also increases. And your customers expect a similar experience on every single channel. Our experts say that one of the eCommerce marketing tips includes ensuring that your eCommerce experience is seamlessly unified. If you are going to implement BOPIS, ensure that your physical store has the order ready before the customer arrives; no matter on which channel your customers enquire, you must provide them with a similar prompt response.

#7: Enable social selling

As many as 81% of the respondents in a survey admitted that they research products or services on social channels before making a final decision. Customers are looking for eCommerce holiday gift ideas on social media. Hence, having a great social media feed is a good place to start but did you know that modern eCommerce platforms like Adobe CommerceSalesforce Commerce Cloud and Shopify Plus cover social commerce in their omnichannel proposition?

#8: Create exclusive offers for your social media family

Embrace minimalism - ask your social media team to become a part of your holiday eCommerce strategy and post DIYs, recipes, styling videos, and most importantly - offer discounts and prizes. Try announcing an offer before any brand begins, give an exclusive discount to your followers, start a giveaway for your new collection, create a special incentive for social media users posting personal pictures of your products on social media. In fact, you even get user-generated content, word-of-mouth, and better engagement.

#9: Build an abandoned cart recovery strategy

The average abandoned cart rate across industries is 69.61% already and with businesses offering major discounts, it tends to go up during the holiday season. Although checkout page optimization can reduce this rate by 35.62%, you can also plan for abandoned cart emails to introduce personalization to the entire campaign. You can even offer discount coupons to win them back. And if you’re looking for a resource to reduce cart abandonment rates and boost sales, check out our resource.

#10: Curate special discounts for your email subscribers

You can send highly targeted and personalized emails as a part of your holiday eCommerce strategy. What can be even more enticing is exclusive offers and discounts to let customers know that they’re special. In fact, you can even offer exclusive sneak peek into your upcoming sales to your subscribers.

A week-by-week calendar for holiday eCommerce sales.

Prep your online stores with these eCommerce marketing tips

As a business owner, if you can start the season with these holiday ecommerce marketing ideas to make it special for your target customers, you probably will never be in a dearth of marketing and conversion tips. Do not target your customers, target their sentiments and let your brand be the voice of their feelings with these eCommerce marketing tips- everything else will fall into place.

You can access all 15 of the holiday eCommerce tips here. And if you still need consultation and assistance formulating a holiday eCommerce strategy, our team can help you with your digital commerce or MarTech needs.

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