5 Benefits of Enterprise Mobility for eCommerce Industry

Enterprise Mobility for eCommerce

The future of eCommerce industry depends on the innovation. As a matter of fact, eCommerce trends keep on evolving constantly and in order to achieve competitive edge over others, it is essential to adapt the changes happening around at a very fast pace. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in interest around mobility solutions among enterprises. Enterprise mobility solutions enable retail and eCommerce industry to provide swift customer service, reduce operational costs and acquire new business opportunities. Moreover, real-time decision-making becomes easy with enterprise mobility solutions.

Some Interesting Facts About Enterprise Mobility

  • As per Strategic Analytics, enterprises will invest $61 billion in enterprise mobile apps by the year 2018. (Statistics sourced from: CDW Newsroom)
  • The global enterprise mobility market (which comprises of mobile business apps, mobile security, mobile application management and mobile device management) will generate $140 billion a year by 2020. (Statistics sourced from: Business Standard)
  • Companies gain an extra 240 hours of work per year from employees due to enterprise mobility. (Statistics sourced from: iPass)
  • By 2022, enterprise mobility market is expected to reach the US $510.39 billion. (Statistics sourced from: Transparency Market Research)

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility

As seen from the facts, there is a huge growth in the Enterprise Mobility, but why is it happening? Why organizations are adopting mobility solutions? Let us explore some of the key benefits of adopting enterprise mobility solutions.

  1. Better Collaboration

    Enterprises can get easy access to email, web conferencing tools, and instant messaging by using mobile collaboration apps that, in turn, enables to manage project and workflow even while employees are on the go. When combined with latest cloud trends, mobility solutions can further improve collaboration, considerably enhancing the operational efficiency and transforming the existing business models.

  2. Enhanced Customer Experience

    Enterprise mobility empowers businesses to respond to complaints, inquiries, and needs of the customers regardless of time and place, which ultimately increases brand loyalty and brings great business opportunities.

  3. Improved Quality Service

    Mobility solutions help streamline the business operations and accelerate the core business processes. Based on the browsing patterns, user behaviour and purchase history, eCommerce businesses can showcase products that their customers are more likely to buy, resulting into a personal touch and unique experience to the customer service.

  4. Wider Reach

    There has been a significant increase in the use of mobile applications compared to websites that helps enterprises reach a wider audience that they simply would not have reached otherwise and boost the location-based sales and marketing – opening a new arena yet to be explored.

  5. Increased Conversion Rate

    The constant and better connectivity with users lead to greater possibility of conversion. Enterprises can include mobile apps in their business strategies to enhance brand awareness and acquire new business opportunities. Mobile apps allow to interact directly with the potential buyers and closing a sell.

In the realm of digital business where consumers want a service or product at their convenience, enterprise mobility provides an opportunity to get quick access to requirement of consumers and interact with them in the way they are comfortable with. Owing to the rapidly increasing mobile apps and cloud computing ecosystem, this landscape is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. However, in order to get the advantage of mobility solutions, enterprises must make sure that their mobile apps are user-centered and adapted to the latest technologies.

If you are planning to integrate enterprise mobility solutions with your eCommerce business, you should consult or hire a mobility expert having requisite expertise and skills. You can count on Ranosys for your mobility needs – be it the improvement of app usability, modernization of mobility platform or creation of a new app. Ranosys has a team of experienced mobile app developers who have always been in the forefront of developing robust and rapidly deployable mobility solutions that are compatible with the business requirements of the enterprises. Contact us to know more about our enterprise mobility services.

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